Has human memory been tampered with? Did the “Earth Defense War” in 1999 really happen?

With the continuous development of the Internet, more and more information has been obtained by human beings. Some stories that have sunk in history have been turned over again by human beings. I believe many post-2000 people have heard of such events. In 1999, human beings signed a confidentiality agreement. It is said that aliens appeared on the earth at that time, and human memory was tampered with. Is this true?


Now we go to the Internet to search for this question and still have answers. Many young friends don’t know about this period of history, and some netizens also evade this matter. Many people don’t want to tell the truth of this matter. If someone puts forward such a topic, many people will choose to escape first. This behavior is really weird, which makes many young people wonder whether there were aliens on the earth in 1999, because humans and aliens signed a confidentiality agreement to keep silent?


Earth war?


Xiaobian also went to the Internet to search the world in 1999, and found that there are still many black and white photos on the Internet, such as spaceships and tall robots, which are the evidence of this event. Netizens also call what happened in 1999 the Earth Defense War.


In 1992, other civilized Centaur galaxies in the Galaxy were invaded. For the sake of cosmic peace, human beings sent reinforcements to this galaxy for support. Originally, it was thought that mankind could defeat the enemy by uniting as one, but unexpectedly, after four years of hard struggle, the Centaur galaxy was still occupied. Two years later, the enemy who attacked the Centaur Galaxy turned his eyes to the earth. In 1997, the galaxy was completely occupied, and the earth became the last barrier at that time.


The war between human and alien


In order to protect our homeland, in 1998, mankind rose up to fight against the enemy. From 1999 to August, we won our first victory. This victory can be described as a message that inspired all mankind. After four months, mankind finally defeated the aliens and won. Although we have won the war, the price of the war is very high. Many people do not want to recall the war. Therefore, scientists decided to erase this memory from the human brain. If human beings forget this history, they will not suffer any more. Therefore, many people do not remember what happened in 1999, and some people do not know that this history is only spread on the Internet traces.


Seeing this, many people think it’s just the scene in the movie. Some people can’t help wondering whether the level of technology in 1999 was enough to resist aliens? In fact, this history is really made up. It’s just a prank made by the post-90s in order to cheat the post-90s. Up to now, there are still post-90s who believe it. Have you heard this story?

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