Has human memory been tampered with? Is a non-existent documentary related to the parallel universe?

We do not know whether there is a big difference between the experience in our memory and that in our real life. Many people think that this may be their memory decline, but if there is a collective memory disorder, how to explain it? Is this really just a coincidence? The scientific community calls this collective memory bias Mandela effect. Why should such a phenomenon be named after a person?


Mandela Effect

This is because this phenomenon is related to President Mandela, who was the first person to find collective disorder. According to many people’s understanding, President Mandela spent the first half of his life in prison, working hard to eliminate racial discrimination. Years of prison life did not take his life. After he was released from prison, he made his own efforts for the equal rights movement. Such a president died in 2013. However, many people were puzzled when the news of his death came out.


Many people wonder, didn’t the president die in prison in the last century? The people who have this memory are not here. A few people from all over the world claim that they have seen the documentary of his death for a long time. Moreover, when he died, the news also made a lot of reports. Is there any deviation in the public memory? Who has tampered with our memory?


Especially in recent years, the Mandela effect has become more and more obvious. Naturally, the lyrics of “love me China” need not be mentioned. At that time, the two factions were fighting each other, which is the embodiment of Mandela effect. The same is true of the death of Hong Kong actor Wu Ma. In the memory of many post-80s generation, Wu Ma is a famous actor in Hong Kong movies. He created many classic roles. However, when the news of his death came out, many people were shocked to find out that Wu Ma had not died in the last century?

Parallel universe?


This phenomenon has also attracted the attention of the scientific community. Some scientists believe that the collective memory bias of human beings is related to the parallel universe. Maybe there are other time and space besides the universe we can’t see. In another time and space, we live different lives and see different phenomena. So these false memories are probably our experiences in another time and space.


Of course, this is only a conjecture of the scientific community. So far, we have not found a parallel universe. Although Mandela’s application of parallel universe is more logical, many psychologists believe that this is actually due to the change of human thinking mode, which can be explained by psychology. I wonder if you have ever experienced the Mandela effect?

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