Has Tesla’s manuscript been destroyed? Scientists put forward two conjectures. What did they find?

Throughout the history of the development of human civilization, we are able to achieve remarkable achievements not only because of the industrial road chosen by human beings, but also because of the birth of many scientists in this process, which have illuminated the way forward for us and become the guides leading us to understand the universe. Some scientists can be said to have ushered in an era, while others are still controversial until their death. Tesla, as we are going to talk about today, is a scientist full of controversy.


Tesla’s achievements


In his life, he has created thousands of inventions, showing extraordinary intelligence from childhood. What really makes him famous is his invention and improvement of AC system. Until his death, legends about him still emerge one after another. As time goes on, many people have become his supporters. They think that Tesla is “the closest to God”. Of course, some people think that his ideas are whimsical. Tesla’s achievements today make us admire him very much. He was out of place at that time, so there were a lot of controversies about him.


Someone once made statistics that if Tesla’s AC system was not free for human use, he might become the richest person on earth. We all know that scientists will have numerous manuscripts in their lives, but it’s amazing that such a controversial scientist did not leave any valuable manuscripts after his death. It’s really incredible. Where are Tesla’s valuable manuscripts?




Where’s your manuscript?


Some people think that although many of Tesla’s theories are unconstrained, many people were staring at his manuscripts at that time, including the CIA of the United States. Some people claim that after Tesla’s death, people who had seen the CIA frequently entered his former residence, and it was the CIA who claimed that Tesla did not leave any manuscripts. Therefore, some people suspect that it was they who hid Tesla’s manuscripts. But the CIA said that they did not collect any valuable manuscripts. Did Tesla destroy all the manuscripts before she died?


Two conjectures of scientists


Many people think that Tesla may have actually destroyed his manuscript, which may be related to two reasons, that is, anti gravity aircraft and dead light weapons. If Tesla left the manuscript of the anti gravity weapon in the world, then human beings will certainly follow suit. However, according to the current technology, there are still many irrationalities in this weapon. If it is taken by some greedy countries, maybe human beings will face a great disaster.


Tesla’s dead light weapon is well known. If this weapon is created by people with a heart, then the threat to mankind will be incalculable, and human civilization may die out, so Tesla destroyed them. Of course, these are all your guesses. What do you want to say?

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