Has the mystery of Bermuda Triangle been solved? Scientists have come up with two possible explanations

The earth is the home of millions of human beings. Our understanding of the earth has changed from ignorance in ancient times to a lot now. Although human beings have been able to go out of the earth to explore the universe, and clearly see the whole picture of the earth from space, there are still many unknown and mysterious places on the earth, waiting for human beings to uncover and solve, such as the mysteries of the deep sea and the deep earth.

Today we are going to discuss this place with our friends. It is located in the ocean. I believe many people have heard its name: Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda delta refers to San Juan of Puerto Rico, Bermuda Islands and Miami of the United States. It is located in the southeast of Florida Peninsula in North America and is known as the “devil’s Delta”.

The Bermuda Triangle first came into people’s view in the 1950s. At that time, five US fighter planes mysteriously disappeared after passing through the Bermuda Triangle due to military operations. Finally, after searching by all parties, no trace was found. After that, the Bermuda Triangle was covered with a mysterious and weird veil. In the following half century, strange disappearances often happened to ships and planes passing through the Bermuda Triangle.


In the past 100 years, at least hundreds of such mysterious disappearances have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle, which makes the Bermuda Triangle a forbidden area. No aircraft or ship dares to pass through here, so they have to make a detour. So what is the reason for the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships passing through the Bermuda Triangle? In order to find out the truth behind it, many experts have organized an adventure team to explore its secret.

After exploring and analyzing the Bermuda Triangle, scientists have come to three possible reasons. Some scientists believe that the main reason why the Bermuda Triangle is so mysterious is that it comes from the sky above the Bermuda Triangle. It is the special sky that makes airplanes and ships crash and disappear here. So what’s going on?

In the process of studying the area near the Bermuda Triangle, scientists have found a very unique cloud layer, which scientists have never seen in other places, only in the Bermuda Triangle. And its shape is quite strange, showing a highly symmetrical hexagon. This particular cloud layer naturally attracts scientists’ interest.

Through a variety of advanced instruments to detect the clouds, we finally found the mystery. It turns out that this unique cloud layer over the Bermuda Triangle is not an ordinary cloud, but an air bomb with a speed of 200 km / h. they are arranged in the sky one by one, and the size of each cloud is about 20 to 55 km. Scientists believe that it is these unique clouds that led to a series of strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.


Scientists have found that when these unique hexagonal clouds gather over the Bermuda Triangle to a certain extent, they will trigger the explosion of air bombs. At this time, if there are planes or ships passing through the sea area, all kinds of accidents will occur. Because of the huge explosive force produced by these huge clouds, the released energy can completely sink hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons of ships. If there is a plane passing by, it is even more unavoidable, and eventually it will crash into the ocean.

However, this conclusion has also aroused many people’s doubts. If the missing ships and planes in the past 100 years are really due to this air bomb cloud, then some wreckage should be found near the Bermuda Triangle. But the real situation is that no hair can be found, just like vanishing out of thin air There is a black hole, they are swallowed by the black hole, so nothing disappears.

Some scientists have also found some differences through the exploration of the Bermuda Triangle sea area, but this discovery is not over the Bermuda Triangle sea, but on the bottom of the sea. Researchers from Arctic Circle University of Norway have conducted in-depth research on the Bermuda Triangle. After some research, they found that there are many huge caves on the bottom of the Barents Sea near the Bermuda Triangle, which are about 805 meters wide and 46 meters deep. Researchers at Norway’s Arctic Circle University say the giant caves were created by explosions of methane accumulating near the coast.


Through the research of scientists, it is found that there are very rich natural gas resources in this sea area. Its main component is methane. After long-term accumulation, it accumulates on the seafloor and finally produces explosion phenomenon, resulting in the generation of huge caves on the seafloor. The researchers believe that the explosion of natural gas caused the sea to form a vortex, when passing ships were swept into the sea floor by a huge vortex and disappeared.

However, this conclusion can only explain the cause of the ship crash, but there is no way to explain the disappearance of the plane. You should know that the plane is in the high altitude. Even if the natural gas explosion on the seabed produces a vortex, it is impossible to inhale the plane flying in the high altitude. This is not a black hole. No matter how big the vortex on the sea surface is, it has no power to affect the plane in the high altitude.

The above two conjectures about the disappearance of airplanes and ships in the waters of Bermuda Triangle are the conclusions drawn by relevant experts after a series of explorations and studies. Whether they are correct or not is uncertain. They have their own reasons, but they can not perfectly explain these disappearances. In some folk legends, there are also some conjectures about the Bermuda Triangle.

Some people think that there are alien bases in the waters of Bermuda Triangle. The aliens fear that humans will find their bases, so they create the mysterious disappearance of Bermuda Triangle. The missing ships and planes are all captured by aliens. Of course, this is just a conjecture of friends with big brain holes, and there is no scientific basis.


Scientists are still exploring and cracking the Bermuda Triangle. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, there will be more advanced equipment to explore the Bermuda Triangle in the future. All kinds of mysteries here cannot be separated from the scope of science. Either the special magnetic field of this sea area, or the anomalies above the sea area, or there may be us at the bottom of the sea We don’t know yet. I believe that in the near future, the mystery of Bermuda Triangle will be revealed.

As long as we can solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, we can make corresponding methods. At that time, the Bermuda Triangle sea area will no longer be the forbidden area that people talk about, but the ordinary sea area that people can freely enter and leave, and people will no longer have to worry about the mysterious missing events.

Guys, what do you think are the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.


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