Has the position of the earth been exposed? In 1974, scientists sent signals to the universe. What happened?

Since human beings entered the space age, science and technology have been developing, and we have been looking for the trace of aliens. If there are aliens in the universe, does that mean that human beings have been discovered by extraterrestrial life? Is the earth no longer safe?


In 1974, scientists sent the first wireless signal to the universe. Their target was 25000 light-years away from the earth. This signal contains a lot of information. It not only expounds human civilization and DNA, but also clearly marks the position of the earth. At that time, this behavior aroused the condemnation of many scientists. They thought that we don’t know what galaxies look like 25000 light-years away. If alien civilizations really exist, they may have more advanced scientific and technological equipment than human beings, then what kind of actions will human beings make in the face of powerless? This is a problem that many people do not dare to think about, and perhaps it will be a cruel ending waiting for mankind.


Is the position of the earth exposed?


So some people think that the position of the earth has been exposed? Scientists think that the possibility of earth exposure is still very large, but the reason is not captured by aliens, the real reason may be cruel. It is only two or three hundred years since the invention of radio. According to the speed of scientific and technological development of human beings, within 46 years, the radio signal can only reach 46 light years away. However, the target scientists are looking for is 2.5 light-years away from the earth, so they think that this beam of radio signals may be captured by other civilizations, and even every move of human beings is under the control of extraterrestrial civilizations.


There are still many radio signals in the universe, which is only a guess of scientists. Perhaps it is because radio signals have not attracted the attention of extraterrestrial civilization. Some people think that even if the radio signal is captured by the alien civilization, they may not be able to decipher the meaning.


This behavior is very risky, and now scientists have changed their way of looking for extraterrestrial life, focusing on the direction of collecting cosmic wireless signals. There are too many wireless signals in the universe. Every day, they will capture the signals from the universe and screen them to see if they can find useful signals to solve the secret of extraterrestrial civilization.


If extraterrestrial life really exists, it must be a signal of human beings with different cultural levels. Extraterrestrial civilization may not be deciphered, and we may not be able to decipher their signals. Maybe that’s because of the difference in language and culture. Do you think that the radio signals we transmit retain the position of the earth?

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