Has the position of the earth been exposed? The madness of scientists may bring danger to human beings

Hundreds of years ago, mankind finally entered the road of scientific and Technological Development and ushered in a brilliant and rapid development stage. With the help of science and technology, we have astronomical telescopes, wireless signal transmission equipment, and rockets and spaceships that can walk out of the earth.

The continuous emergence of new technologies has brought great benefits to people’s lives and promoted the faster development of human civilization. But when we walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, a problem that we have to face and think about appears, that is, alien civilization.

In the early days, people were more curious to find out what alien civilization looked like? How are they different from human civilization? However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the continuous improvement of the understanding of the universe, the attitude of looking for alien civilization is constantly changing, from the original fierce madness to caution.


Why has the attitude of scientists towards alien civilization changed so much? The reason is that although we haven’t found any alien civilization, from the perspective of cosmic scale, the probability of the existence of alien civilization is basically 100%, and today’s astronomers have no doubt about the existence of alien civilization.

If alien civilizations exist, we have to consider whether they are friendly to human beings? We have to know that there is no real peace within human beings. Since ancient times, there have been many wars. Alien civilization and human beings are totally two different kinds of life. When we look at aliens, it’s like looking at monsters. They may look very ugly and strange to human beings.

The same is true for aliens to see humans, unless the appearance of aliens is very similar to that of humans, then it is possible for both sides to maintain a certain degree of friendship. However, from the perspective of life evolution, the possibility that alien intelligent life is very similar to human beings is very small, so it is difficult for alien civilization and human beings to maintain a friendly situation, especially when the strength of alien civilization is much higher than that of human beings.

At this time, we thought of the “Black Forest Law” put forward by scientists. This law tells us that the whole universe is a peaceful forest, in which the intelligent civilizations hide themselves for fear of being discovered by other civilizations. Once the two civilizations meet, there is a high probability that a civilized war will break out, and one side will completely end the other.


With the continuous improvement of human cognition of the universe, scientists increasingly believe in the existence of the “Black Forest Law” of the universe. Therefore, our attitude towards alien civilization is much more cautious than in the past. Even so, some people think that the position of the earth may have been exposed for a long time. The reason for that is because of various crazy actions of scientists in the past.

We should know that with the great explosion of science and technology in the last century, we can preliminarily explore the universe. In order to search for alien civilization, scientists have carried out various plans and missions, such as Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 launched in 1977, both of which carry a CD-ROM recording the earth and human information.

If this CD is acquired by alien civilization, the existence of human beings and the coordinates of the earth will be exposed. This is a very crazy act of scientists, and it is also an act that human beings lack more knowledge of the universe soon after they walk out of the earth. I believe that now we will never do such a thing. Even if we launch a probe to the edge of the solar system, we will only put a record of the earth and human information on it.


Fortunately, the scope of the solar system is much larger than scientists thought in the past. According to the current observation data, the Oort nebula is the outermost part of the solar system. If so, the diameter of the solar system is more than two light years, and it will take at least tens of thousands of years to cross at the speed of Voyager. So now we don’t have to worry about the fact that the CD on Voyager will expose the earth.

And our concern about the possible exposure of the earth’s position does not refer to Voyager, but to radio signals. No matter how fast Voyager is, it can’t match the speed of radio waves. The speed of radio waves reaches the speed of light, and you can go out for one light year in one year.

The first radio signal in human history began in 1901, 119 years ago. If this signal can exist and spread all the time, it should be 119 light-years away from the earth. After the appearance of radio signal, all kinds of radio signals have spread from the earth to the universe.

According to the propagation speed of the radio signal light speed, the range with the earth as the center and the radio signal as the end point in 1901 is about a sphere with a diameter of 119 light years. In this range, the radio signals constantly sent by human beings are full of them. If there is a scientific and technological civilization like human beings in this range, it is possible to receive the signals from the earth.


Of course, the above range of radio signals is only a theoretical value. In fact, most of the signals sent by human beings are not attenuated when they pass through the atmosphere. Even if they can get out of the earth, they are basically too weak to receive and distinguish. So, we don’t have to worry about all kinds of radio signals sent out in human daily life spreading to the deep space.

The real human signals that are likely to spread far away are those powerful broadcast signals, which have high energy level, high strength and can spread far away. Under normal circumstances, as long as human beings do not actively send high-intensity radio signals to the depths of the universe, the possibility of the earth being discovered by alien civilizations through signals is basically zero.

However, the cruel reality is that in the past 100 years, in order to explore the possible existence of alien civilization, scientists have repeatedly sent strong wireless signals to the depths of the universe. For example, in 1974, Frank Drake, an astronomer who created the “Drake formula”, with the help of Carl Sagan and many other scientists, put the earth’s position, the composition of human DNA, and the world’s history The information such as boundary population was compiled into a code and sent to the M13 star cluster 22, 200 light-years away from the earth.


Many people may say that M13 cluster is 22000 light-years away from the earth. Even if human radio signals can be transmitted here, it will take 22000 years. In such a long time, human civilization can develop to a very high level. At that time, even if the earth is known by alien civilization, we need not worry at all.

So this strong directional signal can only be received by the possible alien civilization of M13 cluster after 22000 years? The answer is No. If there are many interstellar civilizations in the galaxy that are more powerful than human beings, the range of activities of these interstellar civilizations will be very broad. In the 22000 light-year interstellar space of the earth and M13 cluster, there may be other areas of high-level civilization activities.

This signal sent by scientists may not have reached M13 cluster, and it was received by other interstellar civilizations on the way. In this way, the existence of the earth and human beings will be exposed. Therefore, after this strong wireless signal is sent out, the future of human beings will be full of various risks. Perhaps now this signal has been discovered by the half way interstellar civilization, and they may already know the existence of the earth and human beings.

Thus, it can be seen that it is actually a wrong way for human beings to actively transmit strong wireless signals to the universe. We don’t know where and in which direction the advanced civilization of the universe is, nor do we know whether the dark forest law of the universe exists. If this law exists, it is very dangerous for human beings to take the initiative to expose themselves.


Hawking has repeatedly issued a warning that human beings should not take the initiative to look for alien civilization, let alone respond to any signal of alien civilization. This shows that Hawking also very much agrees with the dark forest law. In his view, alien civilization may not be friendly. When they find that human beings are such a low-level civilization race, they are most likely to colonize the earth and enslave human beings.

As long as human beings hide and develop quietly, it is the best policy. When our strength is really strong, we will become an interstellar civilization. We will take the initiative to go out of the solar system to explore and find alien civilizations, and contact and exchange with them.

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