Has the prophecy left to mankind by the Japanese “traverser” in 2075 come true now?

In many sci-fi movies, we can often see the bridge across time and space. If we can cross back to the past from the future, it means that we have mastered the ability of prophecy. In our opinion, prophecy is an illusory thing, and there is no so-called passer-by in the real world. Some so-called traversers have appeared in the network. They claim that they come from the distant future and leave predictions for human beings. These predictions seem to be gradually realized. Is it feasible to travel through time and space?


There is a man named Wang Mang in our country. Many people think that Wang Mang is a passer-by. He is a modern man. He went through the ancient times, established a new dynasty in ancient times, and also put forward a series of reform measures. These reform measures were out of place at that time, but they were very advanced in our view. It’s just that Wang Mang is too far away from us. We can’t study it at all, and we can’t prove whether Wang Mang is a passer-by or an ancient man. Now human beings have entered the Internet age, and many passers-by have left so-called information on the Internet, and we can trace it by using this information.


Japanese walkers


In Japan, there was a traverser named YJ. This is the nickname of his Japanese twitter account. He appeared in January 2018. When he established his account, she published the first tweet. She claimed that she was from 2075. If you have any questions about the future, you can ask questions as much as you can. If you are within the scope of your answers, you will also answer them. Although a lot of people think that this is an ordinary person in mystifying, but some netizens put forward questions to him. A netizen asked if Japan would still exist in 2075. This person replied that Japan would still exist, but by that time the capital of Japan had become Okayama.


YJ’s prediction


Many people speculate that maybe before 2075, there was a big earthquake in Japan, which triggered a tsunami, and Tokyo may have been submerged in the sea. He was also asked how he came to the real world and where the time machine he was riding came from if he was really a passer-by? YJ claimed that the time machine he was riding was not recognized by the public, and the machine he was riding was also made by secret experiments. Since he appeared in January 2018, many people asked him what would happen in 2018. The first major event in 2018 was the crash of a satellite on the earth.


Sure enough, in April 2018, China’s Tiangong 1 fell to the earth. In addition, he also claimed that by 2021, China will have developed a system capable of artificially controlling the weather, and by 2031, humans will be able to communicate with the dead.


In fact, there are many predictions about him. You can also search on the Internet. Now it’s 2021. Let’s wait and see whether his predictions will come true.

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