Has Venus existed for a long time? Scientists find rare material, long time can’t calm down!

Has Venus existed for a long time? Scientists find rare material, long time can’t calm down!


The journey of space is long and arduous. I don’t know when, people’s yearning for outer space has intensified. Until Galileo assembled a telescope, human beings have the ability to observe celestial bodies. Since then, human eyes are no longer limited, and finally see the long cherished sea of stars. Human beings have been thinking a question all the time, are we really the only higher life in the universe?

There are countless stars in the universe. If we say that human beings are the only one, it’s nonsense. Maybe those lives have existed in the universe for a long time and have more powerful technological means than human beings. Human beings can only search through telescopes, detectors and other high technologies. When human beings really enter outer space, a sense of loneliness arises spontaneously. No matter how they shout in space, they can not get a response. Human is like a lonely life, without friends, growing up in loneliness. Has Venus existed for a long time? Scientists find rare material, long time can’t calm down!


What are the differences between Venus and the earth?


The process of exploring extraterrestrial life is extremely long. With the help of science and technology, human beings are fully engaged in in in-depth research on the moon and Mars. In the view of scientists, there is a high probability of life on Mars. It is adjacent to the earth and has a simple surface structure, which can become a second livable habitat for human beings in the future. However, based on the evidence collected, scientists are increasingly disappointed that Mars is not a living creature because of its harsh environment and extremely high temperature. Compared with the earth, the earth is the real paradise.

Therefore, human beings have shifted their attention to Venus, and they have learned a lot about Venus over the years. At least they know that its surface temperature is maintained at 471 degrees, which casts a mysterious veil on it. There is a thick atmosphere inside it, which makes it impossible for heat to disperse. It is like a rolling fireball, which may burn at any time. No matter from which point of view Venus, the probability of life is very low. In the process of exploring Venus, scientists accidentally found that it has phosphine.


What is phosphine?


What is phosphine? It is an important part of life, involved in the metabolism of life, mainly in human and fish intestines. So scientists have a lot of ideas. Can this material prove that there was life on Venus? According to the definition of life on earth, it is very difficult for the temperature on Venus to exist life. Although phosphine is related to life, it can not directly confirm the existence of life on Venus. There are too many uncertain factors. As for the definition of extraterrestrial life, scientists can only roughly summarize it. Maybe human beings didn’t know it when they discovered extraterrestrial life.

We should not be discouraged. There are limitations in the way human beings perceive the existence of life. Whether we colonize or search for extraterrestrial life from an open perspective, we should treat it with a rational attitude. It’s not easy to find any secrets. We need to go through a long process. We have to understand the meaning of life first. Maybe these mysteries hidden in the universe have been revealed one by one. Do you think the phosphine discovered by scientists on Venus can prove life Does it exist? You can leave a message for interaction.

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