Have African aborigines ever seen Fuxi and Nuwa? They may be aliens from the Sirius system

Do Fuxi and Nuwa really exist in mythology? Let’s first recognize a star, Sirius a, and then introduce new evidence for their existence. The blue dwarf is the brightest of 5776 stars visible to the naked eye. It is only 8.6 light-years away from the earth.


It takes only about nine years to fly to Sirius with a near speed of light vehicle. This is not a lonely planet, there is a planet with it, and that is Sirius B.

Sirius B is about the same size as the earth, but heavier than the sun. Two stars form a binary system, which is called Sirius galaxy.


At this point, there is a very strange phenomenon, that is, with the continuous progress of technology, we have learned something about Sirius. But the indigenous people in Africa, the Dogons, knew this thousands of years ago. So far, they have no words and can only communicate through dictation and painting.


In front of scientists, they can even draw Sirius with a walking stick. Sirius is composed of a big star and a small star, which is very dense and invisible white star. In addition to these two stars, there is a third star in the Sirius system.

Some studies have shown that Sirius B is a white dwarf, which is characterized by small size, heavy weight, large brightness and invisible to the naked eye. However, scientists have not found it so far. However, according to the gravity study in 1995, it is confirmed that there may be a third star in Sirius galaxy.


What’s more, they know that Saturn has a ring and Jupiter has four major moons. What’s more, they can accurately map the elliptical orbit of Sirius B around a. It’s like what astronomers draw with modern instruments. At the same time, it also shows that the movement cycle is 50 years, which is really amazing.


This ancient closed primitive tribe, which is divorced from the society, can master astronomical knowledge which is not in line with its scientific level and cognition without any observation tools. How on earth do they know this?

According to the doggons, thousands of years ago, a boat like thing was spinning and landing in front of their ancestors. The boat was red at first, but it turned white soon after. Two things came out, like people, fish and snakes, with a big tail behind them. Their skin would change color with time. They claimed to be from Sirius.


They taught their ancestors a lot about the astronomy of their home planet. They called this creature nomu. Because Sirius has a movement cycle of 50 years, they have a custom to celebrate every 50 years, mainly in memory of nomu. This tradition has been maintained for thousands of years.


Do you remember what Sirius looked like? By contrast, as like as two peas and Fu Xi, we are all half human, half snake, and one snake tail. The skin will also change color. It is exactly the same as “the seven changes in Japan and China” in the The Classic of the Great Wilderness and the great wilderness. Moreover, the dogong still have a painting.

The picture clearly outlines the scene when they met Nuo Mu that year. Even in some parts of Africa, there was a voice similar to Nuwa, called “GuWa” or “Gua”. However, is this Nuwa in Africa really our Nuwa?


Throughout the world, Naga and Naji in Indian mythology, Enji and nimma in Sumerian mythology, Isis and Serapis in Greek mythology, as well as Fuxi and Nuwa, we can clearly see that they have one thing in common, they are brothers and sisters with human head and snake body.


We might as well venture to guess that Fuxi Nuwa is not unique to our country, but in ancient times, the footprints of Sirian people affected the whole world, they helped mankind, and let mankind in the world remember them. This makes their shape so unified in the world.

We can also directly understand that almost all of the half humans and half snakes in the world are Sirians. Now, let’s look up at the sky. Do we really remember the existence of the brightest star in the sky? It is so lonely and magnificent in the lonely night sky. One day, when we no longer look up at the stars and fantasize, will this romantic feeling with the longest history of mankind be slowly forgotten in the brightness of the city night? Welcome to comment area.

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