Have aliens been to earth long ago? How to explain these two ancient relics?

Scientists have discovered two ancient relics, which surpass modern technology. Are they left by aliens?


When the teacher asked you what your dream was when you were a child, many people would say astronaut. Because astronauts can fly freely in space, since we grew up, we learned that it is extremely difficult to be an astronaut. The environment of space is very different from that of the earth. We have to endure all kinds of pressure in space, and there are risks anytime and anywhere. Even the appearance of outer space is completely opposite to our imagination.


Many things in the world are crowned with mystery


With the development of science and technology, scientists have become more and more active in space exploration. Although human feet have been extended into outer space, we don’t know much about the earth on which we live. There are many unsolved mysteries on the earth waiting for us to explore, such as Kunlun Mountain, Bermuda Triangle and so on. These places are crowned with mystery. In the history of human development, there have been many civilizations. Scientists have discovered two ancient relics, which surpass modern technology. Are they left by aliens?


Through the continuous exploration of archaeologists, the traces of their existence are gradually revealed. What’s most surprising is that many of the ancient relics discovered by archaeologists are mixed with today’s high technology to refresh the past cognition. What’s the matter? Only through the understanding of scientists can we know that long ago, human beings had established brilliant civilization and made outstanding achievements in many fields. So what strength do they rely on behind their strength?


Some researchers speculated in the process of discussion that maybe aliens had been to the earth long ago. Due to acclimatization, some aliens lacked their bodies. Later, they met kind-hearted people to help them. Finally, these aliens gradually recovered and taught them many skills. Only after human beings mastered these skills can they create a brilliant civilization. This kind of civilization After all, there are still many ancient relics in the world, which are covered with a mysterious veil.


Two ancient relics discovered by scientists


Take Naska lines as an example. There is a mysterious place in Milu, Naska. When you look down from high altitude, you can see a large area of lines. At first, many people thought that they were drawn by children. Later, after careful observation, we found that it was impossible for human tools to draw such wonderful lines at that time, so there was only one possibility, that is, there was mystery behind them It’s a funny thing.


In addition, scientists have also found a leg that will not rust. If the iron is exposed to the air for a long time, it will oxidize and rust. There is an iron pillar in India, but it shows different cultural colors. It is understood that it has a history of 16000 years. So far, its surface is still free of any rust, just like a brand new one. So who built it, Perhaps these ancient relics are all related to the legendary aliens, who taught human beings to use high technology and create so many civilized products long ago, which is impressive. Of course, this is just speculation. After all, no one has witnessed the existence of aliens. How do you think these relics in history come from? You can leave a message for interaction.

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