Have aliens come to China? “White light” appeared over Shaoxing, and there was a loud noise!

During this period of time, news of UFOs frequently appeared. A few days ago, UFOs appeared over many places in Guangdong. A dazzling white light moved slowly in the sky. The whole process lasted two minutes, and many people saw this phenomenon. Until now, the identity of this UFO has not been revealed. A few days ago, an UFO appeared in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province this year. Are aliens really targeting China?


White light over Shaoxing


Through the video spread on the Internet, we can see that there is a dazzling white light over Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, moving slowly, which is very similar to the white light over Guangdong Province, but the tail of the white light over Shaoxing appears bifurcation. Many witnesses took photos and videos. They claimed that close observation would find a silver gray object in front of the white light, but it was too far away for them to judge the shape of the unknown object. That is to say, the white light may be emitted by a silver gray object. What is it?


Originally, I thought that this bright white light would gradually disappear, but I didn’t expect that in the early morning of the next day, the unknown white light appeared again in xiahu town of Shaoxing. This white light is particularly dazzling in the blue sky, but also left a curved trace in the sky. This incident has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some people think it may be that aliens have come to China, while others think it is just a fireball.


White light’s identity


Just like the fireball over Yushu in Qinghai some time ago, we are faced with many threats when we live on the earth. Although we are isolated from many meteorites with the help of the protection of the atmosphere, there are also some fish that escape into the net and fall to the ground. Maybe these white lights are the traces left by the fireball. While netizens were discussing enthusiastically, someone provided a clue. He claimed that there had been a loud noise over Shaoxing at the end of January this year. The loud noise is likely to be the sonic boom produced by the aircraft during supersonic flight, and the white light may be the exhaust of the aircraft.


After seeing these photos and videos, the professionals put forward their own opinions. This is not a falling meteorite, because the meteorite is very fast in the process of falling, and generally only exists for a few seconds and disappears. The white light in the sky is likely to be a common track cloud. When the track cloud is exposed to sunlight, it will produce white light.


So the aliens did not come to earth at all. These endless UFO incidents are probably the masterpieces of human beings. Judging from the current ability of human beings, it’s still very difficult to find extraterrestrial life. I don’t know and have no friends living in Shaoxing. Have you ever seen this strange light?

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