Have aliens come to earth? Is it true that the former Canadian Minister produced “evidence”?

Although the pace of human exploration has left the earth, in fact, the area of human exploration may be less than one ten thousandth of the universe. In many people’s minds, the existence of extraterrestrial life has become a fact. Many conspiracy theorists believe that extraterrestrial life has frequently come to the earth, but human beings have not recognized it.


For human beings, the alien is still a distant image. Until now, no one has really seen the alien. There are many opinions about the alien. Some people think that human beings are just pets of alien life surveillance, while others think that the technological level of the alien is not as good as human beings, so they dare not say hello to human beings rashly. There is no real evidence for these claims, but we can not completely deny it. Some time ago, Paul, a former Canadian defense minister, claimed to the media that he believed that aliens really existed and had come to the earth. Now the Canadian official is 97 years old. Is what he said true?

Aliens coming to earth?


He claimed that four kinds of aliens have come to the earth. There is no doubt that his words have caused a great disturbance. Until now, even scientists have not found the existence of aliens. How did he come to such a conclusion? He told the media that in 2005, he often exchanged letters with a Canadian boy in the South China Sea. The boy would tell him a lot about aliens, and he also recommended a book called the Roswell incident. At first, he didn’t care about the book, but when he finished reading the book, he found that there might be something hidden about the Roswell incident, and that aliens might really exist.


I believe everyone is very familiar with the Roswell incident. In 1947, a crashed spaceship appeared in Roswell, USA. many people witnessed this phenomenon at that time, and several young bodies were suspected to have appeared near the spaceship. At that time, the official took the crashed spaceship away for research, but later declared that it was just a balloon for high-altitude experiment. In addition, it didn’t happen Any more details. Therefore, many people think that this is just to cover up, the crashed spaceship is actually the alien car.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the real aliens are actually different from the images in the movies. If those people really walk on the road, many people may not recognize them. They will learn to imitate human thinking and become human images. In this way, they can disguise and live with human beings.


There are also many people who question this statement. If aliens really come to the earth, they can’t leave any traces. Paul claimed that, in fact, this is because the aliens have signed an agreement with human beings. The aliens will provide advanced high technology to human beings, but the aliens also require human beings to keep secrets. In fact, his explanation is still far fetched. If aliens really reach the high-tech level, how can they make a fuss and sign an agreement with human beings? I don’t know what you think?


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