Have aliens come to earth? Scientists discover “strange” mask. Who left it?

The development of science is always full of controversy. Although we have gone out of the earth and entered the universe, there are still too many things that human beings do not understand in the vast universe. For so many years, scientists have been looking for signals of extraterrestrial life, but there are not many ideal effects. Until now, no one has really seen extraterrestrial life. Therefore, some people think that aliens do not exist at all, and human beings are lonely in the universe.


Alien mask


But even in the process of archaeology, we have gained many unexpected discoveries. Human civilization has lasted for thousands of years, and our ancestors have also left a lot of precious wealth. As a magnificent landscape in the world, the pyramid of Egypt was once suspected by conspiracy theorists that it was built by alien life. Some time ago, scientists made a new discovery in Bulgaria. It turned out that a mysterious alien mask appeared in Bulgaria, which is 6000 years old.


This is an accidental discovery made by scientists in the process of archaeology. At that time, they were conducting an archaeological excavation in solnita, Bulgaria, and suddenly unearthed a small statue. This statue has no mouth, but it has other features. Many people associate alien life at the first sight of the mask. After analyzing and studying the statue, scientists found that the statue appeared in the 5th century BC. If only from the visual point of view, this strange mask is similar to the aliens in science fiction movies, and there are not a few scientists who keep this idea. Sunita is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and scientists believe that this statue can also be traced back to the Neolithic period.


There are many controversies


We can see from the circulated photos that the overall shape of the statue is an inverted triangle, and the front end of the mask is very prominent, and the outline and lines are clearly visible. But the back of this mask seems to have been squeezed. It seems to us that Ancient Aliens once came to earth. This mask has also aroused people’s speculation. Scientists found two small holes at both ends of the mask. Therefore, scientists believe that it may be the mask of ancient human beings. Wearing the mask is to scare off wild animals, but this mask is more similar to aliens.


There are also some conspiracy theorists who believe that ancient humans have no concept of aliens. The reason why they create such an image is that they have seen aliens in their lives. At that time, the aliens came to the earth and handed over science and technology to the earth people, so they created one after another statuette to commemorate them.


Some people think that these statues are just the religious beliefs of ancient people. These patterns and patterns are not mysterious. Do you think this mysterious mask will be left by aliens?

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