Have aliens come to earth? UFO found on us flight, speed 2km per hour!

There have been many UFO sightings in history, which are too far away for us to study. I don’t know if you have heard of the US flight incident in 1995, when us flight 564 was full of passengers, flying from Texas to Nevada. In this journey, the flight encountered a strange incident, until now the official has not been able to give a reasonable explanation, some people think that this may be related to aliens.


UFO in the sky


At that time, it was around 9:30 in the evening. During the flight, there was a strong thunderstorm in the sky. At this time, the flight had already been flying for more than half of its journey, just above 9000 meters above the ground. In fact, thunderstorm weather in the sky is very normal, but the stewardess habitually looked out and found that there were 8 flashing blue lights in front. The eight flashing lights fly horizontally, starting from left to right. In addition to the stewardess, the captain also saw the mysterious UFO. At that time, he judged from his own experience that the shape of the UFO was like a huge cigar, and the length should be about 150 meters.


The captain immediately reported this phenomenon to the control center, which also monitored the UFO, which was just above the military restricted zone. But when they reported this phenomenon to the military, the military radar did not find any abnormal phenomenon. Soon after, the military monitored the UFO, which is now under monitoring. By the next morning, they found the trace of the UFO. The UFO sometimes accelerated and then stopped, and the fastest speed could reach 2000 meters per hour. It wasn’t long before the UFO disappeared on the radar.


There are many controversies


Until now, the government has not given a final explanation, and the incident has frequently caused controversy. Some people think that this UFO is probably just a private aircraft, but the control center claims that no aircraft was found at that time. If this is really just an aircraft and the radar does not detect it, then this situation is also very dangerous.


Some people think that this may just be a natural phenomenon caused by thunderstorm weather. In this case, it is easy to form ball lightning. Maybe the colored lights seen by the stewardess and the captain are the lightning. Of course, some netizens think that the UFO may be the alien’s car, and the human aircraft can’t reach such a high speed.


Many years have passed, and it is difficult for us to investigate the situation at that time. Over the years, the probability of UFO’s appearance has become higher and higher. Maybe it’s not a coincidence? I don’t know what you think?

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