Have aliens come to our country? More strange than the classic of mountains and seas, the emergence of aliens?

Although many people think that extraterrestrial life is a real existence, many people think that human beings are the lonely wisdom in the universe, and extraterrestrial life is just the product of human imagination, in fact, this view is more one-sided. Some people think that extraterrestrial life has long been on the earth, and it has been recorded in China’s historical books. They have made statistics. In China’s ancient books, there are more than 900 records about aliens and UFOs.


Records in shiyiji


In fact, in addition to the book of the sea and the sky, we know if there is a related book in the book of the sea and the sky. The contents in shiyiji are similar to those in Shanhaijing, which not only records many fairy tales, but also records some legends never heard of by human beings. There is such a fragment. During the reign of Emperor Yao, a huge ship appeared in the west sea of our country, which is now the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. This ship could fly in the sky. The West Sea in the book refers to today’s Qinghai Tibet Plateau. At that time, people could see some people in white clothes living on the ship, but it didn’t take long The ship mysteriously disappeared.


In the eyes of many people, this may be just an ordinary fairy tale, but some people have put forward different views. If this is really imagined by human beings, how did ancient people imagine gods? They must have seen prototypes on earth, so they made up these fairy tales. In addition to shiyiji, there is also a fairy tale called Soushenji.



Stories of Immortals


》Records of


There is also a story recorded in this ancient book. The protagonist of this story is Wu people in the period of the Three Kingdoms. It was in 259 ad, and the social atmosphere was feudal at that time. However, a child appeared in the local area of Wu. This child was wearing a long blue shirt and looked very strange. He told the people of Wu that he lived in a star in the sky and only lived in the sky But it was so boring that I came to earth to have a look.


He also told the Wu people that the struggle for hegemony in the Three Kingdoms was coming to an end, that people would live and work in peace and contentment, and that the Sima family would unify the world. After that, he turned into a ray of light and flew into the sky, and then disappeared. It wasn’t long before the child’s words came true and all became reality.


We often say that the wisdom of the ancients is infinite. When many people see these legends, they take it for granted that they are made up. But when we think about it carefully, there are many things that are difficult to explain scientifically. Did aliens really come to the earth and communicate with the ancients long ago?

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