Have aliens come to our country? There are some unidentified luminescent objects over Guangdong. Many people have taken photos!

Human beings have been used to UFOs, and news about UFOs has appeared all over the world. Just a few days ago, the news of UFO came out in China. At that time, many people photographed this picture, so many people thought it might really be an alien.


UFO in Guangdong


It happened on the evening of February 15, when UFOs appeared in the sky over many areas of Guangdong. The UFO not only flew slowly in the sky, but also sent out dazzling light. Because it’s the annual holiday, there is an endless stream of people on the street, so many people have witnessed this picture and picked up their mobile phones to shoot it. We can see that a white object appears in the dim sky through the video, leaving a long trace where the white object goes. The whole process lasted about two minutes, and then the cube disappeared into the clouds. Videos and photos spread to the Internet, causing hot discussion among netizens. What’s the matter? Did aliens really come to China?


Is it a meteorite?


Many UFO enthusiasts insist that extraterrestrial life itself has come to the earth, so they will leave traces on the earth. These UFOs are their cars. Xiaobian thinks that there is no theoretical basis for such a statement. Maybe there are too many sci-fi blockbusters, which lead people to associate with extraterrestrial life after seeing such scenes. According to many scientists, this may be an ordinary meteorite, but some people have put forward different views. If it is really a falling meteorite, why does it fall so slowly? This is not in line with the law of fact at all.


Some time ago, an unknown fireball appeared in Yushu, Qinghai Province, China. The fireball fell very fast and made a deafening sound. At that time, scientists thought that this was the legendary meteorite, so the identity of the unknown object over Guangdong has not been determined. If you want to determine whether this unidentified object is a meteorite, you just need to find the place where it fell. However, until now, no news of meteorite has been heard from Guangdong, let alone that this unidentified object is related to aliens.


Some netizens also found a long tail behind the unidentified object after seeing the photos, which may be the traces of tail gas left by the aircraft, so could the unidentified object be an aircraft?


I have to say that this conjecture should be the most consistent with the fact. In fact, when we count the UFO incidents in recent years, we will find that many UFOs are from human hands. If aliens really exist, we can’t spend so many years without finding them. I don’t know what you think?

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