Have aliens ever come to earth? Former Canadian Defense Minister revealed that they have been visiting the earth!

Since mankind entered the space age, we have been looking for traces of extraterrestrial life, although the existence of aliens has been recognized by many people, but there is no real evidence. There are also some conspiracy theorists who believe that aliens actually exist, and humans have found them, but the truth has been hidden. In 2015, the Canadian media reported a piece of news. They sorted out 1300 cases of UFO sightings and held an exhibition of alien reports.


Many people have also expressed their views on the existence of aliens. A man named Paul Heller has attracted everyone’s attention. He is the former Defense Minister of Canada and the first official of the existence of aliens in the world. He claims that he has received many anonymous letters during his term of office. In these letters, the fact of the existence of aliens has been disclosed, but he is not the only one The usual work is too busy, there is no time to sort out these reports.


Paul Heller’s revelations


Ten years ago, Paul Heller received a postscript about the Roswell incident. The Roswell incident can be said to be the highest real name incident in history. This postscript was also written by a witness at that time. In order to find out some of the incidents, Paul Heller may ask an air force soldier of that year, hoping to confirm the Roswell incident from his mouth. The air force told Paul that everything in the postscript was true, and some staff members had real communication with extraterrestrial life. It was at this time that Paul Heller realized that the UFO sightings were not groundless.


Since then, Paul Heller has been learning about UFOs through various channels, and even went to the homes of some witnesses, hoping to get more information. When he got a lot of information, he made a lot of consideration, so he decided to make the secret public. In 1961, more than 50 UFOs were flying from Russia to Europe. At that time, many air force commanders saw this phenomenon. At that time, they were ready for defense work. However, these UFOs suddenly lost their heads and returned to the Arctic. It took three years for human beings to carry out various explorations and found that extraterrestrial life had been visiting the earth for thousands of years.


How do aliens cooperate with humans?


There are aliens from Orion and from the Altos. But in fact, there are dozens of alien life on earth, and some of them have cooperated with some developed countries. Paul Heller claims that the extraterrestrial life is not much different from the pictures in the movies. Even if extraterrestrial life is walking on the street, it is difficult for human beings to distinguish it. The technological level of these extraterrestrial life is far more advanced than that of human beings, but they are also more humble than human beings, which is also the aspect that human beings should learn in the future.


Paul Heller claims that it is precisely because of this characteristic of aliens that many of the scientific and technological civilizations developed by human beings at present also draw lessons from alien technologies, such as integrated circuits and LED lights, which are what human beings have learned from aliens. In the future, in the fields of medicine and agriculture, human beings will want to learn more. Many people are also worried about whether Paul Heller’s words will bring danger to them. He said that extraterrestrial life knows what he is doing now. They can communicate through telepathy, so they can understand human thoughts.


Although Paul Heller was a senior official in the government before, what he said shocked people. She claimed that she didn’t care about anything now, just wanted to say everything she knew. Although what Paul Heller said is justified, some people still put forward different views. We can’t be sure of the existence of extraterrestrial life just by our own words. I don’t know how you feel after hearing such a story?

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