Have aliens ever waged war? They came to earth and made an agreement with mankind?

For so many years, human beings have been looking for traces of extraterrestrial life, but they have no ideal effect. Once the head of Israel’s space security program claimed that in fact, human beings have already seen aliens, and some countries have even reached agreements with them. After hearing these words, many people think of the 1979 American alien exchange of fire. This is the Dorsey incident. Is it true?




What is the event?


When we open the Internet search, we will find that there is not much information about the Dorsey incident. Few people know about this incident. The reason why the Dorsey incident appeared in front of human eyes is that some internal officials leaked it out privately. This incident happened after the Roswell incident. Since then, human beings have been in close contact with aliens. Especially in some developed countries, they yearn for the scientific and technological strength of aliens. Therefore, they hope to learn the technology of aliens and improve their comprehensive national strength. This developed country is the United States. Since then, the United States has made an agreement with aliens that aliens can come to the earth to do experiments, and they must provide their own advanced science and technology.


At that time, because some of the alien laboratories violated human relations, it gradually aroused human dissatisfaction. Some experiments gradually leaked out, and human behavior was also resented by aliens, so they had a battle. In this conflict, a total of four aliens died, while 66 humans died. Decades have passed since the incident, and the government has never responded positively to it. It’s strange that no one agrees with or opposes the incident, so is it true?


Aliens exist?


In many people’s cognition, aliens are real. Hawking once warned people not to rush to find aliens. What the former Israeli officials have said has further enhanced the authenticity of the case. According to him, aliens are also very curious about humans. They are studying the structure of the universe, so they have signed an agreement with humans. Despite the harsh environment on Mars, there is actually a secret base in the underground world.


In our opinion, these words are too hard to accept. Of course, we can’t judge the real existence of aliens only by their one-sided words. It’s very difficult for us to verify the past few decades in the new century. Although the credibility is not high, it can’t be said that they are completely fabricated.


Until now, when it comes to aliens, everyone has different ideas. Xiaobian thinks that in the vast universe, if there is only one kind of advanced civilization of human beings, it’s a bit unreasonable. What do you think of what the former Israeli officials said and what happened to Dorsey?

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