Have aliens visited the earth long ago? It’s no wonder that human beings can’t find it just because they disguise themselves like this!

Have aliens visited the earth long ago? It’s no wonder that human beings can’t find it just because they disguise themselves like this!


Are there any aliens in the world? This is a big problem that has plagued mankind for many years. Since the rapid development of science and technology, the pace of human beings looking for extraterrestrial life is faster and faster. Although it costs a lot of time and money, there is no trace of the existence of aliens. In this vast universe, human beings are the only known higher life, and there is always a sense of loneliness. Human beings should thank the earth. It is the earth that breeds all things in the world and provides suitable environment and temperature. Otherwise, it is impossible to produce so many stars.


There are many stars in the universe that are larger than the mass of the earth. What human beings have detected is just a drop in the bucket. It is impossible to confirm whether there are traces of life on these stars. Human beings have always placed high hopes on those stars. It seems that human civilization has developed for hundreds of years. Compared with the advanced civilization in the universe, it is particularly backward. Long ago, human beings had dreamed of traveling in space and migrating to other planets. For such a long time, human beings have been slowly approaching this dream. At the same time, more and more problems have emerged. Have aliens visited the earth long ago? It’s no wonder that human beings can’t find it just because they disguise themselves like this!


Two possible ways for aliens to exist


Everyone has their own unique views on aliens. Scientists have two kinds of conjectures about the existence of aliens. One is that aliens have long been on the earth. They hide their original appearance and live on the earth like human beings. It is also possible that they visited the earth long ago and left the earth long ago for a variety of reasons. If the alien is related to the first guess, why haven’t humans found any trace of it so far?


An as like as two peas from University of Oxford, gave the answer. It is possible that the appearance of the alien is exactly the same as that of the earth. There is only a slight difference between the facial features and the figure. If they are not carefully observed, they will not be able to distinguish them. They are different in form, some are like mammals, and some are like marine animal. They will hide their identity in various forms. No wonder human beings have been unable to find it, because human beings have never considered the existence of aliens on earth, which is also the disadvantage of human beings.


Why humans don’t find aliens


In fact, human beings are not smart enough to know nothing about the past of the earth. It is possible that the direction of observation has gone astray. Of course, this is just the professor’s view. At present, what human beings should pay attention to is the crisis of survival and development. On the one hand, it is caused by global warming, and on the other hand, it is nuclear weapons. Global warming is in fact well controlled. We only need to reduce the emissions of carbon, methane and other greenhouse gases, to live a low-carbon life, and to look for environmental protection energy. Maybe we can control the situation.


Nuclear weapons are a bit of a headache, because the power they bring is beyond human cognition. If aliens had come to the earth long ago, their science and technology would be more advanced than that of human beings. They may have solved these two problems long ago, but some people don’t think that aliens have been to the earth. What would happen if humans were really face-to-face with aliens? You can leave a message for interaction.

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