Have humans lost their ability to evolve? Scientists simulate evolution and find that human’s future is more terrible

As we all know, all species on the earth are evolved from ancient organisms, and they follow the natural selection principle of “survival of the fittest”. During this long period, many organisms were eliminated and many new species appeared. In fact, the same is true of human beings. At first, they lived in the form of reptiles on trees. After the baptism of time, they finally became what they are now.


At the beginning of the earth’s formation, the earth may be in chaos without any life, but this is only a necessary condition for survival and development. After a long period of time, the earth finally evolved into such prosperity. If the process of the earth accelerates, we can see that the biological change is sustainable. However, it seems that human beings do not have any evolutionary characteristics, including many other animals. They have not evolved new species. Even if they have, they are human. So has human evolution reached its limit? Or there’s no time for evolution right now.

In fact, almost all living things on earth have stopped evolving and tend to remain unchanged. There are many reasons for early biological evolution. Perhaps it is because of “natural selection”, many organisms have evolved to adapt to changes in the natural environment. For example, when powerful natural enemies emerge or occupy habitats, they must be forced to flee their original habitats and live on land to promote evolution in order to protect themselves.


However, it seems that human beings do not and do not want to face this situation. Today, as the only species with high intelligence on earth, human beings seem to have the ability to control many things in their hands, and changes in the natural environment can not lead to evolution, let alone the threat of enemies.


But some people think that now some people are very smart. They are evolving to make any plane, cannon, spacecraft so that they can fly out of space and land on the surface of the moon. People in the past couldn’t do that at all. I don’t have the courage to think deeply.

In fact, this is only the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, which has nothing to do with the evolution of human beings. In addition, modern people are not necessarily smarter than the ancients in intelligence. How the great wall and the pyramids were built is unknown. Even with today’s technology, it is difficult to achieve the same effect. Moreover, the physique and quality of modern people may be worse than that of ancient people.


Human beings without evolutionism, of course, do not represent retrogression. If human progress is largely due to the extension of life expectancy, the average life expectancy today is much longer than that of ancient people. However, due to the improvement of modern living environment, people can not absorb more nutrients. The length of life has nothing to do with the degree of nutrient absorption, but with the level of science and technology. After all, modern medical technology and medical level are incomparable.


Ancient times, look at the limit of human evolution, what do you think? Maybe it really can’t evolve, maybe it’s too short to feel. Some people also pointed out that the next human evolution may be the third eye, but it may be just a bunch of nonsense. I believe time will give us the answer!

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