Have prehistoric creatures disappeared? Is the mammoth photographed by German soldiers in 1943 true?

With the progress of scientists’ archaeological work, we have also found many traces of prehistoric creatures. Speaking of prehistoric creatures, many people think of dinosaurs and mammoths. We can only understand these creatures through fossils. They have long disappeared on the earth, but recently there is a video circulating on the Internet. At that time, the Soviet army was escorting prisoners, Is it true that a captive photographed the mammoth with his camera?


The mammoth of 1943?


Many people scoff after seeing this video. Now that they are all prisoners, they dare to take photos with cameras. It’s really unreasonable. This video immediately spread on the Internet. Through the screenshot, we can see that this huge creature is very similar to mammoth. There was no PS technology at that time, but it doesn’t mean there were mammoths on earth in 1943.


According to the exploration results of scientists, mammoths lived on the earth 4.8 million years ago. Due to the hunting and killing of human beings and the rise of the earth’s temperature, mammoths were all extinct before 2000 A.D., so it was impossible for human beings to capture mammoths with cameras at that time. If you know the history of that period, you must know the tragedy of this war. This war directly led to nearly millions of casualties in the Soviet Union, and even more than 800000 people in Germany were injured and killed. From these two figures, we can see how fierce the war between the two countries is, and they will not be particularly friendly to the prisoners.


The truth of mammoth video


In addition to this video, there is a detailed introduction at the end of the video, which makes many people doubt the conclusion of scientists that mammoths may not have disappeared on earth. In fact, Xiaobian didn’t think it was real after seeing this video. It’s true that the source of this documentary is not the real mammoth, but the real mammoth.


That is to say, this video is actually synthetic. The people who made this video synthesized the bridge segments from the documentary into another video, which spread on the Internet and caused such a big discussion. I didn’t expect that a small video would frighten so many people. It’s really funny.


So prehistoric creatures have long disappeared on the earth, and we don’t have the luck to get a glimpse of their true features. Only through words can we restore their true appearance and know the time. I don’t know what you think about it?

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