Have scientists who used to inject bacteria into themselves in order to achieve immortality succeeded now?

Have scientists who used to inject bacteria into themselves in order to achieve immortality succeeded now?


Everyone has a pursuit, set up a lofty goal and ideal for themselves, and work hard in this respect. However, many people are not satisfied with their wishes. Before they reach this goal, they have already lost their lives, tomorrow and accidents. We don’t know which one will come first, so what we can do is to live a good life in the present. Death is very frightening. In the face of death, many people feel very desperate. Unfortunately, death is the final result of everyone. If there is no end in life, maybe human beings will stop as soon as possible and make up for it through time.


However, life has an end, and life is the most important thing. If a person has no life, even if he has a lot of money, it will be nothing. Since ancient times, many ancient emperors have been pursuing immortality. They have been looking for various ways to achieve immortality. This is a way to change their lives against heaven, and no one can achieve it. If people can live forever and come back from the dead, the world will turn upside down. Have scientists who used to inject bacteria into themselves in order to achieve immortality succeeded now?


Until modern times, there is a big technology, that is, human body freezing technology. This technology mainly saves the human body at minus 196 degrees Celsius. After a period of time, it thaws and revives through more advanced medical means, so as to achieve immortality. This method sounds very useful, but in fact, few people realize it.


In 2009, a Russian scientist found a kind of bacteria in the frozen soil layer of Siberia. It is understood that this bacteria has a history of 3.5 million years. He is Anatoly bruckov. The Bacillus f he found has the ability of immortality. He also made an experiment to ingest Bacillus f into the body of mice. Unexpectedly, he did not expect it The body of the mouse is more and more robust, and the vitality of the past is restored.


After this experiment, he aroused bruckov’s curiosity. Finally, he directly ingested Bacillus f into his body. In the next two years, he found that Bacillus f had no great effect on his body. On the contrary, he had never been ill and had more energy than before. For example, he was several years younger. Therefore, he even concluded that Bacillus f had the ability of immortality. After the medical test results came out, he was completely disappointed that his body was not affected by Bacillus F. the reason why he felt full of strength was that he had too much hope for Bacillus F and his own psychological function.


So far, no one has been able to achieve the goal of immortality, which is a convention that cannot be broken. Everyone should follow the laws of nature, do not make some meaningless struggle, against the sky to change life, ultimately there is no good end. What do you think of the scientist who injected himself with bacteria crazily? You can leave a message for interaction.

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