Have you ever doubted your existence? Is it in real space or virtual space

In the 20th century, the world has developed a new practical technology, that is virtual reality technology, abbreviated as VR. Virtual reality technology includes computer, electronic information, simulation technology in one, through the computer simulation of virtual environment to give people a sense of immersion in the environment.

With the continuous development of social productivity and science and technology, the demand for VR technology in all walks of life is growing. VR technology has also made great progress in continuous exploration.

At this point, Xiaobian thought of a movie “number one player” a few years ago. The story of the film is set in 2045, when the world is on the verge of chaos and collapse. People place their hope of salvation on the game world. As long as they wear VR devices, they can enter the virtual world, which is in sharp contrast with reality. Interested friends can go and have a look.


To get back to the point, this kind of immersive technology can’t really touch, but it’s almost the same as the visual feeling brought by reality.

In virtual reality, ordinary people can still distinguish what is reality and what is virtual. If one day someone asks you:

Do you think you live in reality or in the virtual world? Have you ever doubted your existence?

I believe many people will answer that it must be reality. But if you think about it carefully, is it really reality? Is there any other possibility?


“Brain in cylinder” conception experiment

Putnam, an American scientist, conceived an experiment called “brain in a cylinder” in 1981.

The experiment is to put the whole human brain into a container, which can slow down the speed of the special nutrient solution needed for the normal operation of the brain.


Then the brain is connected to the computer through complex circuits, and the program is input into the computer, so that it can transmit information to the brain. And then the brain works.

The idea of this experiment sounds incredible! Because the operation of the experiment is very difficult, we not only need to have the technology of taking the brain, but also need to connect the brain with the computer on the basis of ensuring that the brain can operate in vitro.

According to our current level of science and technology, it is difficult to achieve, so this experiment is just a conception, a hypothesis. Although it is impossible to achieve now, it can make people think about what is reality and what is virtual.

The distinction between reality and virtuality


People think that it’s very simple to distinguish between reality and virtual, such as pinching other people’s faces to see if it hurts. If it is to distinguish between reality and dream, then this method is no problem.

But if you want to distinguish between real and virtual, that’s no good. Why do you say that? As we all know, today, smart phones, smart robots, etc. can be realized by programming, so as to obtain powerful functions that cannot be obtained at first. Does programming create a human sense?

From here, we can extend another question: does human exist in real space or virtual space?


According to the current definition and the difference between virtual and reality, human beings exist in the space of reality. But if there are advanced alien civilizations in the universe, then there is another possibility: all the creatures on the earth, even the whole earth, are set by advanced alien civilizations.

Maybe they know a more realistic and advanced method than programming, and then use this method to create everything for us.

This idea sounds not only creepy, but also wild. But if you believe that everything is possible, then this idea has a reason to exist.

In fact, both the real world and the virtual world are defined by human beings, and the universe full of mysteries is also the result of human consciousness. Therefore, it is difficult to make an accurate judgment on whether it is true or false and whether it is good or bad.


My friends, have you ever doubted your existence? Do you feel that everything you have now is false and may be manipulated in a moment? Let’s have a chat.

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