Have you ever heard the sound of marbles coming from the building when you sleep at night?

Many people may have had similar experiences. Xiaobian also had the same experience. Especially when Xiaobian was young, he knew little about it. At that time, he really thought that there was a child playing marbles upstairs. But later, with the gradual growth of age, more and more friends said that they had experienced a similar phenomenon, and even some people used “ghosts” to explain to Xiaobian. But then again, have you ever met such a situation?


In fact, what Xiaobian has heard in the evening before is not only the “Pinball sound” from the ceiling, but also the “walking sound” from the ground. We all know that the “walking sound” is like a person’s “creak creak” on the floor. In fact, there is no need to be afraid. These are very simple scientific phenomena.

The temperature is generally higher during the day, but lower at night. Due to the expansion of heat and contraction of cold, buildings will also have slight shrinkage changes. In the process of shrinkage, due to the different specific heat capacities of cement, steel, concrete and so on, the degree of shrinkage is naturally different, which will produce sound. Of course, Xiao Bian said before the “walking sound” is due to the expansion and contraction of wood board.


In addition, the sound occurs in the interior of the building, the sound first spreads from the solid to all parts of the room, and then through the air to the human ear, so that the air is particularly crisp and loud. You may ask, why can’t you hear in the daytime? Because it’s noisy in the daytime and quiet at night.


In fact, many people blame this on the supernatural phenomenon, but at the same time, we might as well consider why the sound can be heard on the top floor or in the bungalow? So, most of the time, we really just scare ourselves. Most of the supernatural phenomena are artificial.

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