Have you ever seen an intelligent dog? Can not only ride, but also save people! It’s unbelievable

Dog, in people’s daily life, is a very common animal, whether at home or abroad, people like this kind of animal very much, and because of this, now, we often see some people leading their dogs, almost can meet several people on the road. In the past, such a scenario would not have happened. After all, in the past, people’s living conditions did not allow people to keep pets. With the continuous development of economy, people can now keep some animals at home.


It is common for people to keep pets. People will also keep many different kinds of animals. To say which kind of pet is the most, it can be said that cats and dogs. Cats have many different kinds, and dogs also have them. If the smartest dog in the world must be the border collie, its intelligence makes many other dogs, especially the stupid husky, look at it and be afraid These two kinds of dogs can coexist, I’m afraid the border shepherd will be angry with husky.

Although we all know that the Border Collie is very smart, but to say how smart the Border Collie is, we have to say a border collie named hekan, who was born in Australia. As we all know, this dog is very smart. How smart is it? If the ordinary people want to exercise the dog, they will play some game with the dog, but the dog’s sport has no such activity. When the dog is bored, its main activity is riding;


Some people may think that this kind of thing is nonsense, but the fact is that hekan does ride very fast, just like a man does. Because of this, we all think that hekan is not only a very clever dog breed, but also the smartest of all border shepherds. As we all know, hekan is not the only one with this kind of interesting things, but also with other interesting things. So let’s take a look at the smart side of this smart dog.


Many people are shocked when it comes to hekan’s horse riding skills. Although hekan’s horse riding skills are also related to its owner Jeffrey, it is said that Jeffrey, hekan’s owner, runs a horse farm. Maybe it’s because he stays with horses all day long and often sees people move when riding. That’s why Jeffrey has this move, and Jeffrey will be happy with it Hekan has special training, so hekan has this special skill.

As we all know, hekan often walks his horse with his owner. He thought, if only a dog could lead the horse on foot! According to hekan, although hekan is different from other dogs in that he doesn’t like the game of picking up things, if he picks up things, what he wants to pick up is what the owner Jeffrey needs, that is to say, when hekan realizes what the owner needs, he will directly give things to the owner, and then give them to the owner, Hekan is a perfect dog.


Haiken is a very smart dog, and he is also very loyal to his master Jeffries. As long as Jeffries is willing to do things well, Haiken will do things well, and do well. According to Jeffries, once he was injured accidentally in the stable, because he didn’t notice the nail on the wall, so his arm was directly scratched, and the wound also flowed At that time, Haiken was completely frightened by his pet dog hekan. Unexpectedly, his pet dog could do so.


Because hekan is so smart, jefris’ Racecourse also attracts many people. When people learn to ride horses here, they will come to see hekan, a dog that can ride horses and save people.

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