Hawking has left three big warnings, the first one has been realized, and the other two will be realized in the future?

Hundreds of years ago, mankind finally entered the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, human civilization ushered in a period of rapid development. The reason why human science and technology can achieve leaps and bounds in hundreds of years is inseparable from the contributions of some great scientists.

As we all know, there are many scientists born in the history of human science, but there are very few great scientists who can lead the trend and direction of science and technology in human civilization. Basically, there are only a few in each century, such as Newton in the early days and Einstein in the 20th century. So who is the greatest scientist in the 21st century? So far we know Hawking.

For Hawking, I believe everyone is familiar with, although he has a disability, can only lie in a wheelchair for scientific research, but he has a super scientific talent. If it were not for his disability, his contribution to science would not be less than Einstein’s.


Hawking is the spokesman of contemporary theoretical physics. He has been engaged in the scientific exploration of related universe theory all his life, and has put forward the famous starting point theory and Hawking radiation theory, which makes the exploration and research of the universe a big step forward. So he is also known as the king of the universe.

Hawking put forward many scientific theories in his life, many of which subverted human cognition. Just like Einstein in the 20th century, he also put forward many scientific theories beyond people’s cognition at that time. These theories were later confirmed by scientists, which shows how great Einstein was.

Most scientists only study and explore the theories and directions of their predecessors, while the really great scientists can completely subvert their predecessors’ scientific theories, which is also the most difficult to achieve. They not only need a lot of scientific theory knowledge storage, but also have the advanced thinking and talent with a large brain hole.

Every great scientist in the history of human science likes to make some predictions and warnings about the future. There are many predictions in Einstein’s life, and there are also many warnings about the future of mankind. Similarly, Hawking also had ten predictions and left three warnings. Of the three warnings, the first one has been initially realized, and the other two may also be realized in the future.


First warning: the threat of artificial intelligence to human beings. If you are interested in science and technology, I believe you will often see discussions about artificial intelligence in recent years. In fact, the development of artificial intelligence is very fast. Three years ago, it was only a theoretical thing, but now, some simple applications of artificial intelligence have begun to enter people’s lives.

Artificial intelligence is developed on the basis of computer, and the power of computer is clear to everyone. It can be said that it is the greatest invention since mankind entered the era of science and technology. It is with the help of computer that the development speed of human science and technology can achieve a leap. At present, most of human scientific research cannot do without the help of computer. Without the help of computer, the development speed of human science and technology will be much slower.

Artificial intelligence is the ultimate version of computer. Although it originated from computer, it is essentially different from computer. The most obvious difference is that artificial intelligence has been initially out of the scope of simulation degree and entered the era of intelligence. It can learn by itself and constantly strengthen itself.


The reason why artificial intelligence is powerful is its super strong self-learning ability. A newly born artificial intelligence can learn all human knowledge in a very short time, and completely kill those learning tyrants. Although artificial intelligence is created by human beings, its ability is far beyond human beings.

If it is ordinary artificial intelligence, with strong ability, it can better assist human beings in various kinds of work and research, and greatly promote the pace of human civilization. It can be said that once human beings enter the era of artificial intelligence, they may make another leap in a very short time, so as to enter the real interstellar age.

Of course, the power of artificial intelligence also worries people. Hawking warned us that human beings should not study artificial intelligence, which may bring us a devastating blow in the future. Hawking’s warning is that when artificial intelligence continuously learns human knowledge and behavior, it is possible to produce self-consciousness and emotion.

Once artificial intelligence has self-consciousness and emotion, it will no longer be an intelligent level, but will evolve into intelligent life. It will become an intelligent life similar to human beings and a new mechanical civilization. We can imagine that once artificial intelligence becomes intelligent life, will it follow the command of human beings and be willing to serve us? The answer is No.


Any intelligent life will not willingly serve another intelligent civilization. What’s more, artificial intelligence is far superior to human beings in many aspects, so it is even more impossible to serve us. Maybe in the heart of artificial intelligence, human beings are not as powerful as them. We should become their vassals and serve them.

At this time, there may be a huge conflict between artificial intelligence and human beings, or even a global war. With the powerful production capacity and network capacity of artificial intelligence, human beings may not be rivals at all. Even in order to be more direct, artificial intelligence may manipulate a large number of nuclear bombs to bomb the world. You know, artificial intelligence machines do not need a beautiful ecological environment. Even the earth in the nuclear war can still make them survive and develop. But human beings can’t. once the whole world is exploded, human beings may end up.

The second warning: the collapse of the ecological environment. As we all know, after mankind entered the era of science and technology, a large number of industries have developed. Although human civilization has achieved rapid development, it has also brought great damage to the earth’s ecology.


Today, the earth’s ecology is deteriorating step by step, and this deterioration trend seems difficult to control, because we can not give up industry to protect the environment. Once we stop developing industry, the final outcome of human civilization is to be stuck on the earth forever, until the end of resource consumption. Therefore, the speed of scientific and technological development will not stop or slow down, but can only speed up.

As long as the development of industry, it will naturally cause continuous pollution to the environment, which is a dead cycle that is difficult to solve. Hawking also warned that the earth may have left mankind only a few hundred years. Hawking means to tell us that with the current deterioration rate of the earth’s ecology, it is possible that the earth’s ecology will completely collapse after hundreds of years, and the whole earth will become a planet unable to adapt to human survival. At that time, if human beings wanted to continue their development, they could only immigrate to the outer planet.

The third warning: the invasion of alien civilization. Although mankind has been searching for extraterrestrial life and civilization for more than half a century, and has not made any progress, scientists have no doubt about the existence of alien civilization. We should know that the vast universe is too big for us to imagine, and there are also too many earth like planets in the universe to estimate.

How can there be only one civilization in such a vast universe. The reason why we can’t find any shadow of alien civilization is that human science and technology are still very backward, and we don’t have the ability to really go out of the solar system to find it.


Hawking has no doubt about the existence of alien civilization, and he has repeatedly warned us not to try to contact with alien civilization. In Hawking’s view, any intelligent civilization can not be kind and peace loving. There are also good and evil in human civilization. There are good people and bad people. If the two civilizations are completely different in race, once the other has malice, it will be a very cruel race war. For example, once we have a war with ants, will we have pity and sympathy for ants? The answer is no, pity and compassion are within the same race.

In our eyes, alien civilization is a monster, and in the same way, human beings are also monsters in the eyes of alien civilization. Once a malicious alien civilization discovers the existence of earth and human beings, can we resist it by crossing the interstellar space? The answer is No. This is just like that modern human beings go back to ancient times with advanced weapons and equipment, and ancient people have no ability to resist at all.

So, although we are very curious about alien civilizations and want to find them, once there are alien civilizations coming to earth in the future. So Hawking’s warning prediction may come true. The right way is to give up the search for alien civilization and not send any human signals to the universe. It’s not until the day when we become an interstellar civilization that we go out of the solar system to look for the remains of alien civilization.


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