Hawking left three prophecies, one of which has been realized, and the remaining two are not true

Everyone knows that Hawking is a great physicist and cosmologist, the greatest physicist in modern times. Do you remember Hawking’s three predictions?

“Artificial intelligence” is Hawking’s first prediction. Now we all rely heavily on these technologies. It can be said that without these artificial intelligence, life is not very convenient.


For example, other artificial intelligence such as cleaning robot also have this kind of artificial intelligence to enrich our life. It can be said that the prediction of artificial intelligence has been realized. If machines have intelligence, it’s bad for humans.

The second prediction is that humans will choose to migrate to other planets in the future, which Hawking made in 2017.

He believes that with the increase of population and energy consumption, the earth’s resources will disappear and eventually become a fireball. Human beings are facing extinction. They have to go to other planets.


Mr. Hawking’s third prediction is that when human science and technology can support human beings to travel through time and space, human beings will not be able to travel through time and space, especially through time and space to do something to change history, otherwise it will easily cause chaos in time and space and bring about major disasters.

In South America, a butterfly once flapped its wings, causing major disasters such as tornadoes and tsunamis. This is the so-called butterfly effect. Therefore, if human beings change history through the past, it is easy to cause the butterfly effect.


Once the chaos of time and space is caused, it will be a very big blow to mankind.

Therefore, when Hawking is alive, he is also calling on human beings not to change history through time and space.

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