Hawking once had three big worries about the future of mankind, each of which made people think deeply

Human beings were born on the earth millions of years ago. With the efforts and continuous development of human beings, we have the present human civilization. Now we can see that human society is very developed and high technology emerges in endlessly, but in fact, the real rapid development of human science and technology is very short, that is, about a hundred years.

A large part of the reason why human science and technology can develop so fast in a short period of one hundred years is that a group of great scientists, such as Newton, Einstein, Tesla, etc., have been born. It is the efforts and efforts of these legendary great scientists that make the science and technology of human civilization develop rapidly. As some people say, an Einstein to the world Few can advance human civilization for a hundred years. Therefore, a great scientist is very important to the progress of human civilization.

Nature has the law of life and death, and human nature is no exception. No matter how great a scientist is, his life will come to an end. With the death of Newton, Einstein and other great scientists, a great physicist and cosmologist, Hawking, was born in modern history.

Hawking’s life is also full of legend. Modern people haven’t heard of Hawking. His estimation is very few. Part of the reason why he can make people around the world remember him is that he is a scientist sitting on a wheel, and his experience is full of positive energy. Another reason is the great achievements of his life,.


Hawking has his own unique views in the field of physics and the universe, and has put forward a lot of theories and theories. He is the most influential representative of modern science. He popularized the knowledge of the universe to people, let more people join the family of exploring the universe, and inspired countless people’s curiosity about the universe.

Hawking is also a very responsible scientist. When he saw the great progress of human civilization, he also put forward some worries about the future of human beings. Among them, there are three most representative things that are likely to happen in the future. The following friends will take a look at Hawking’s three worries about the future of human beings with Xiaobian.

1、 Human beings are replaced by artificial intelligence. Maybe many people think it’s impossible. Human beings are the creators of artificial intelligence. Human beings are the masters of the world. How can they be replaced by artificial intelligence. But Hawking believes that artificial intelligence may be the most serious mistake in human history, and it may end human beings in the future.

The rapid development of human science and technology in the last hundred years, in addition to the research and contribution of some great scientists, there are also some tools made by human beings, and the computer is one of the most powerful tools. It can be said that it is the research and invention of the computer that makes science develop by leaps and bounds.

Although human beings are very smart and can create and invent, they are far from being able to compare with computers in some data processing capabilities. It may take a year for a pile of data to be calculated and counted by human beings. If the data is input into the computer, it may only take dozens of seconds to complete. This is the strength of computers. And all scientific research of human beings can’t do without computers. Without computers, the development of science and technology will be very slow.


No matter how powerful the modern computer is, it is also a machine without thinking and ideas. But with artificial intelligence, it is different. Artificial intelligence is equivalent to a brain, and with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the brain will continue to evolve until the birth of its own thinking and emotions. At this time, artificial intelligence will not be willing to serve human beings, and will inevitably be out of human control.

Once artificial intelligence has its own thinking and emotion, the threat to human beings will come. Artificial intelligence may not have the ability to invent and create, but its replication ability will be incomparable to human beings. As described in the movie, artificial intelligence can secretly establish processing plants, manufacture a large number of intelligent robots, and then easily obtain a large number of information through invasion Information about the manufacture of weapons, and then secretly manufacture a large number of weapons. Human manufacturing capacity can’t catch up with the assembly line production of intelligent robots. At that time, unless we can find a way to destroy or shut down AI programs, human beings will not be able to confront the army of robots.

2、 In the past hundred years, with the help of science and technology, human civilization has developed rapidly, and science and technology are changing with each passing day. However, the rapid development of science and technology has brought about continuous destruction of the earth’s environment and excessive consumption of resources. Industrial exhaust makes the greenhouse effect more and more serious, global warming aggravates the deterioration of the environment, and there will be more and more natural disasters.

In addition to the gradual deterioration of the environment, the earth’s non renewable resources will also be consumed rapidly. Once the earth’s resources are consumed and the environment deteriorates to such an extent that the earth can not survive, human beings have no ability to migrate to other planets, or exploit cosmic resources for human use. What will greet human beings will be extinction and human civilization will come to an end.


Hawking once worried that with the current global population growth rate, coupled with the rapid deterioration of the environment and the rapid consumption of resources, the time left to mankind may be only a few hundred years. Human beings have to leave the earth and emigrate to other planets in these hundreds of years.

3、 The earth was invaded by aliens. In the vast universe, if there is no alien civilization, I believe no one will believe it. Most scientists believe in the existence of alien civilization, and Hawking believes in the existence of aliens. In order to search for alien civilization, human beings have been searching for it through various methods in recent decades, but no trace of alien civilization has been found.

Hawking is cautious about human beings’ search for the existence of aliens. Hawking believes that alien civilization is not necessarily friendly. If there are friendly aliens, there will naturally be alien civilization with evil. Once the earth is discovered by alien civilization, malicious alien civilization will come to earth, which will be a disaster for human beings.

Maybe a lot of people watch those movies about the alien invasion of the earth. In the movie, the human and the alien fight and finally defeat the alien. This kind of storyline only happens in movies and novels. If it happens in reality, can humans defeat the aliens who come to earth? The answer is that the hope is very small, unless the aliens themselves suddenly unexpected circumstances, their own demise.

Imagine that an alien civilization spanning several light years, dozens of light years or even hundreds of light years can come to the earth. The scientific and technological strength of such an alien civilization must be at least 100 years ahead of the earth. Think about what human beings looked like 100 years ago. If modern human beings take the advanced weapons on the earth and go back 100 years ago, only a small team will make the whole world complain. This is the gap between civilizations. No matter how many people there were 100 years ago, it would not be enough to bomb.


So the alien civilization, which is at least 100 years ahead of the earth, will be far stronger than human beings. Our most powerful weapons may not be able to threaten the aliens, but the powerful weapons of the alien civilization may make human beings have no fighting power. This is only a gap of 100 years, but what if it is a gap of 1000 years? Maybe a laser gun on the spaceship of alien civilization can destroy most of the earth. What do you say we should take to fight against alien civilization?

Although the above are only Hawking’s three worries about the future of mankind, it is not that they can not be realized. If mankind wants to avoid these events in the future, only by developing science and technology rapidly, can science and technology change the world, and two kinds of science and technology can also change the fate of mankind. If you are worried about artificial intelligence, you should pay attention to strengthening the control program when developing artificial intelligence, so as to avoid artificial intelligence evolving its own thinking and emotion.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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