Hawking once held a banquet to invite future guests. Why didn’t the last one come?

Hawking once held a banquet to invite future guests. Why didn’t the last one come?


People go up and water flows down. It’s the most appropriate way to describe scientists. The first batch of scientists after the birth of human beings had a strong thirst for knowledge and curiosity. In the face of those unknown fields, they spent their lives doing countless experiments and creating many inventions. This kind of thinking was regarded as fantastic before science was developed If it wasn’t for their existence, human civilization might have gone back 100 years.


Until the 20th century, they explored more and more things, especially quantum mechanics and relativity. It seems that a magical force is pulling scientists. Among many great scientists, Hawking is well-known. Although he is not healthy, he is still mentally handicapped. He does not waste his life. Through his strong intelligence, he has developed many inventions and made many comments, which made his popularity soar for a time. Hawking once held a banquet to invite future guests. Why didn’t the last one come?


Hawking held a dinner for the future


In 2009, Hawking did an experiment, the main content is to hold a party, the invited crowd is more special, mainly for future people, he specially selected a banquet hall, according to the normal thinking, before holding a banquet, he would write an invitation to invite guests, and tell the time, and asked them to arrive on time again and again, Hawking’s banquet is very different, he did not follow this The people he invited were time travelers with concise words. They would travel through time and space with abilities that ordinary people don’t have.


This experiment sounds totally unreliable. It has gone beyond the scope of human cognition. After the experiment, he did not wait for the time traveler. He was the only one in the party. In Hawking’s view, time travel is real, and his purpose of preparing this banquet is to prove the real existence of time travelers. Then there is another question. Even if these walkers do come, how can they attend the banquet? What’s their relationship with Hawking? Why did you listen to him and go to the party?


The main reason for the failure of the experiment


It is obvious that this experiment is bound to fail, and the result still makes him a little disappointed. With the development of science and technology, the film industry is rising rapidly, and many science fiction films involve time and space traversers. In real life, it seems to be an ethereal existence, unless the speed of human beings can reach the speed of light, the difficulty coefficient is very high. Einstein’s theory of relativity corresponds to Hawking’s statement that all things in the universe are not static, but constantly moving objects. When they are moving, time will expand rapidly. Using this expansion effect to travel through time and space, Hawking very much agrees with this theory, but human beings have not found that channel.


If there can be collision between time and space, connect different areas, or realize space-time crossing, so human beings need to find wormhole as soon as possible, and they need to ensure stability without collapse before they can realize crossing. Once collapse occurs, human beings may die here. Hawking’s banquet sounds reasonable, but this experiment has no scientific basis and is doomed to fail. Do you think there is a real space-time traverser? You can leave a message for interaction.

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