Hawking once predicted that the three problems that human beings will encounter in the future are coming true one by one!

Hawking once predicted that the three problems that human beings will encounter in the future are coming true one by one!


Speaking of Hawking, we all know him well. He is a famous physicist. His whole life is a legend. From his birth, he was destined to be different and known as a giant in the scientific community. Although he suffered from muscular atrophy, resulting in paralysis, but his spirit, let everyone praise. All along, he devoted himself to the study of the universe, and put forward a variety of theories. His amazing intelligence and creativity left precious wealth for the world. He was a great man like Newton and Einstein.


Before Hawking died, he gave an interview and put forward three predictions, which have been alerting the world. It is unexpected that one of them has been realized. If the other two are realized one day, the consequences will not be affordable. So what predictions did Hawking put forward? Hawking once predicted that the three problems that human beings will encounter in the future are coming true one by one!


First of all, the first is to find a second home for human beings and immigrate as soon as possible. Hawking once held a meeting and invited many scholars to discuss the problem of planets in the solar system. Human beings are intelligent higher life in the universe, and the earth is the only home for human beings. However, human beings should look for a second planet suitable for human survival within their limited ability. If the earth disappears one day in the future, they can also survive on other planets, he thinks Law is good, but human beings have not yet found another planet suitable for human survival.


The second is DNA modification. Since gene research was proposed by Danish scholar Johnson in 1909, species have developed rapidly. Nowadays, human beings have completely mastered DNA insertion, deletion, replacement, etc., especially cloning technology. Since the appearance of Dolly sheep, it has become the focus of global attention. The genetic improvement proposed by Hawking is that human beings can selectively edit children’s DNA to make children more intelligent and have super power. From today’s genetic engineering point of view, human life expectancy has indeed been improved, but it is still a big difficulty to change DNA.


The last is global warming. I didn’t expect Hawking’s prediction came true. The cause of global warming has become more serious. Carbon dioxide emissions lead to the rise of greenhouse gases. Under the high temperature environment, it will not only cause slow air flow, but also lead to uneven distribution of rainfall, drought in many areas, and glacier melting in the north and south poles. Scientists warn that when the global climate is warming, human beings should control the growth of population, learn to control the use of energy, do not waste, and stabilize the economy.


Today’s earth is in a dire situation. Hawking’s predictions have attracted enough attention. Global warming has become a serious problem. Today’s earth is already overburdened. These are all caused by human beings. What do you think of Hawking’s three predictions? You can leave a message for interaction.

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