Hawking once predicted: there is more than one universe, or there are multiple universes coexisting

Stephen Hawking, a famous British physicist, put forward the prediction of the existence of multiverse in a research paper before his death. In his opinion, the universe we know is probably not unique. And the Big Bang has happened more than once, so it is speculated that there will be multiple parallel universes. At the end of the paper, Hawking also discussed the method of testing the multiverse.


For many people, Hawking should be no stranger. He once put forward a brainstorming theory in his best-selling book. This theory is a familiar big bang theory. In his view, there is not only one universe. In the multiverse, our universe is just a very common one. Even the big bang theory he put forward has been carried out To reinterpret, he believes that the big bang may have happened more than once, because it happened many times, so there are several parallel universes.

According to the theory agreed by many scientists at present, the universe originated from a singularity with infinite mass and density, because some unknown quantum effect caused its explosion. This theory has been confirmed by many people later. Moreover, the cosmic microwave background radiation also provides a strong support for this theory, but is not science progressing in doubt?


And now many scientists are still skeptical of this theory. They think that if the big bang really happened, then such a violent explosion should leave very obvious evidence in the universe. Scientists also give an example, such as the regular fluctuation of gravitational waves.


According to the law of the development and change of the big bang, scientists deduce that when the universe expands and the boundary extends to all sides, the distance between the Milky way and other galaxies will become farther and farther. Due to the continuous collapse of stars driven by gravity, the sun we depend on may consume all the energy, and all the light will be shining and all will be quiet.

Maybe in the end, there are only many black holes, big and small, and black holes only eat but don’t spit. The big ones will devour the small ones. In the end, black holes will develop to infinity. In the end, the universe, which was originally full of stars, will probably become empty and lifeless. It is said that this is the result of the diffusion of Hawking radiation from the black hole left behind after the end of the previous universe to the next. Maybe it’s another parallel universe that collides with the universe we live in.


According to scientists’ research on black holes, many people believe that the probability that black holes always exist may be that the universe is destroyed, everything is gone, and it still exists. At this time, inside the black hole, people can’t feel the passage of time, let alone the narrowness of space. But the black hole will die, but when it dies, it will leave some bright traces and continue to the next universe.


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