Hawking once prevented humans from landing on the moon. After seeing the back of the moon, he finally knew why!

Hawking once prevented humans from landing on the moon. After seeing the back of the moon, he finally knew why!


In ancient times, a lot of literati and poets emerged. They often placed their emotions on the moon in the sky, and seemed to have an inextricable relationship with the moon. For example, I hope that people will live a long time and have a beautiful life together. This poem reveals the poet’s yearning. In modern times, the moon has been extended to a deeper concept, that is, the moon. The moon is a star never touched by human beings. How old is it? How did you get here? It has become a difficult problem for scientists for many years.


For a long time, the moon has been regarded as the first goal of exploring space. With the success of Apollo project, the relationship between man and the moon has been further developed. After that, more and more probes have been built to reveal the hidden secrets of the moon. The moon in human’s mind is quite different from the real appearance of the moon. The surface of the moon is desolate, lifeless and lifeless. Hawking once prevented humans from landing on the moon. After seeing the back of the moon, he finally knew why!


What does the back of the moon look like?


Now there are images of the moon sent back by satellites, which subverts people’s cognition and reminds people of Hawking’s warning. The position of the moon is relatively static, so we can never see its back. It has a lot of similarities with the earth. At the same time, it is difficult for human beings to capture the information on the back of the moon. Therefore, for a long time, human beings knew nothing about the back of the moon. With the improvement of science and technology, human beings have a new understanding of the moon. NASA has launched several probes one after another. Basically, the landing site of each probe is the front of the moon. Even if human beings land on the moon, they still can’t see the back of it.


It was not until 1959 that the former Soviet Union launched the lunar probe No. 3, which first photographed the back of the moon. Although the picture was not very clear, it was a big breakthrough. In modern times, China launched chang’e-4 last year. Its purpose is to survey the back of the moon and various resources on the moon. This is the first time that human beings have observed the back of the moon in a close range. Chang’e-4 has made outstanding contributions and sent back a lot of useful information. The secret of the back of the moon has finally been disclosed. Its surface is full of craters. So many craters may have been hit by countless asteroids, which led to this picture.


Why is the moon not suitable for human migration?


There are many potential dangers on the moon. In many ways, the moon is not a suitable planet for migration, because its air composition is completely different from that of the earth, and it is in a vacuum state. Even if the astronauts stand face to face on the moon and speak loudly, it is difficult to hear. In a vacuum environment, the sound is difficult to spread. The earth is not the same, the earth is rich in oxygen, as well as the protection of the atmosphere, human beings can survive safely for so long.


Hawking warned mankind many times before he died, advising mankind not to blindly explore outer space, which is not only dangerous, but also brings disaster. Today’s exploration of the moon finally reminds us of what Hawking once said. In the exploration of outer space, the most important thing is the safety of life, life is the foundation of all material exploration. What else do you know about the moon? You can leave a message for interaction.

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