Hawking once raised three major concerns about the future of mankind. What are they?

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth, born millions of years ago. Since the beginning of industrial revolution hundreds of years ago, human civilization has also ushered in a period of rapid development.

The rapid development of human science and technology is inseparable from the efforts of those great scientists, such as Newton, Einstein, Tesla, and so on. The modern two also gave birth to a great physicist, Stephen Hawking.

I believe many people are familiar with Hawking. He is the most inspirational example of countless disabled people. Although Hawking’s body is confined in a wheelchair, his mind is free to soar in the universe. He once quoted a famous saying from Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet in the universe in the nutshell – even if I was locked in the nutshell, I still thought I was the king of infinite space. Undoubtedly, this is the best portrayal of his life.


Many people can remember Hawking mainly because of his great contribution to popular science of astronomy. He showed the complex and mysterious universe to the public through vulgar and humorous language, which stimulated the curiosity and scientific exploration of countless people. He is the most influential representative of modern science.

In addition to his outstanding contributions to science, especially in space exploration, Hawking is also a scientist with a strong sense of responsibility. After reflecting on the modernity of mankind and focusing on the future of mankind, he has put forward many thought-provoking warnings and worries, among which three are the most representative. Let’s take a look at them.

1、 Artificial intelligence replaces human beings. Computer is one of the most representative inventions after human beings enter the era of science and technology. The rapid development of human civilization is directly related to the rapid development of computer. It can help human beings complete many complex operations and simulations. It can complete the operations that human beings need years to complete in seconds.

The rapid development of computer also makes its ability stronger and stronger, and begins to develop towards the direction of intelligence. In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence can be said to be an eye opener, but also to bring great convenience to human life.


Artificial intelligence is an important research direction and development trend in the future, it can help human to complete a lot of work. Intelligent robot, the most important carrier of artificial intelligence, has also begun to enter the market and people’s life. I believe that in the future, intelligent robots may become a new trend of the times, just like the mobile phones now, into thousands of households, into everyone’s side.

However, the rapid development of artificial intelligence has also worried Hawking. In many people’s eyes, artificial intelligence will bring convenience to our life and will be an important helper in our daily life. But Hawking doesn’t think so. He thinks that artificial intelligence may be the most serious mistake in human history. He warns that artificial intelligence may replace and take over human beings in the future, and human beings may come to an end.

The biggest feature of artificial intelligence is that it can learn by itself. It can learn knowledge on the Internet, and the learning speed is very fast. It may take us more than 10 years to complete the learning knowledge. Artificial intelligence can learn all the knowledge in a few days and firmly remember it.


Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly very powerful, because it does not have its own consciousness and thinking, can be controlled by human beings, subject to human destiny. But with the continuous evolution of artificial intelligence, it may one day give birth to its own thinking and emotions. At this time, artificial intelligence will become the intelligent life of human beings.

Once AI self evolves with self-awareness and emotion, will they still obey human management and command? It’s hard to believe. At that time, AI may be out of human control and against human beings. Human beings may have no way to deal with the powerful artificial intelligence. You know, artificial intelligence is the God of the network, it is irresistible on the network. At that time, the earth may open the era of mechanical civilization dominated by artificial intelligence.

2、 Human self destruction, the rapid development of human science and technology at the same time, but also excessive consumption of the earth’s resources, while the formation of continuous destruction of the ecological environment. To a certain extent, human beings, like cancer cells, are constantly devouring the health of the earth, and eventually they are bound by their own cocoons.

In recent years, the term “El fart year 2019” has been frequently mentioned. In the past, many people did not know what El fart year is, but in recent years, many people have known that El fart year is the pronoun of extreme climate change. El Nino year means abnormal climate change and frequent natural disasters.


I believe that in the past more than a month, many friends, especially those in the south, have felt the damage caused by the frequent power of nature. This is just the beginning. With the rainy season in July and August, the climate will be more abnormal and natural disasters will be more frequent. In fact, all these are the consequences of the continuous destruction of nature by human industrial production.

The earth’s resources are less and less, and the ecological environment is getting worse and worse, while the global population is growing rapidly. Some time ago, the Department of economic and social affairs of the United Nations released a report called world population outlook 2019: a summary of the findings, which focuses on population issues such as world population growth, women’s average fertility rate, and human life expectancy. According to the United Nations report, the world population will increase from 7.7 billion to 8.5 billion by 2030, and reach 9.7 billion by 2050. It is estimated that the global population will grow to 11 billion by the end of this century.

The rapid growth of population will bring great pressure on global resources. Before human beings fully master space mining technology, the competition for resources in the future will become more and more intense, and various conflicts may break out. Once out of control, a global nuclear war may break out, and then human beings may face the risk of self destruction.


3、 After alien invasion and human walking out of the earth, we have been exploring extraterrestrial life and civilization. Although we haven’t found any extraterrestrial life and civilization yet, scientists have no doubt about their existence. We should know that the universe is vast and unimaginable. It can’t be just human civilization.

If the technology of alien civilization is far ahead of that of human beings, once the existence of the earth is discovered, it is possible to visit the earth. Maybe many people expect that alien civilization is kind and will provide advanced technology to help human development. But Hawking is not optimistic about the character of alien civilization.

Hawking believes that any intelligent life can not be completely good, the universe also has the dark forest law, good alien civilization exists, also with malicious aggressive alien civilization naturally exists. Once the earth is discovered by malicious alien civilization, it may invade the earth directly. The alien civilization that can come to the earth from a distant galaxy will surpass the earth. The most powerful weapon on the earth may not pose a threat to the alien civilization spacecraft at all. At that time, it is possible that the end of civilization will greet mankind.

The above three are Hawking’s three major concerns about the future of mankind. Whether they can be realized depends on the future development and luck of mankind. No matter what, technology is undoubtedly powerful. It can change the world and the fate of mankind. As long as human science and technology continue to develop, with enough powerful technology, any danger can be resolved.


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