Hawking once supported the parallel universe theory, the entrance of the parallel world, hidden in the black hole!

Some scientists believe that if parallel universes do exist, there should be countless people in this universe who would do so. In this regard, the famous scientist Hawking also agreed. He believes that humans can travel back and forth in parallel universes. This speculation is based on the black hole, which he believes is likely to be an entrance into a parallel universe.


This theory has been put forward several times by scientists, but so far, no one can prove the existence of parallel universe, because there are a lot of invisible worlds in our universe. Many well-known scientists believe that black holes may be the entrance to many parallel universes outside of us. One of the reasons why we can’t find this is that they are hidden inside supermassive black holes.

In the universe, the black hole is a mysterious object, its gravity is very big, its strong gravity will absorb all the matter into the black hole (including light), so the question comes, when these substances are absorbed by the black hole, do these substances still exist? Is there still a chance for those things that have been crushed and swallowed up by the black hole to be released?


Stephen Hawking is a famous theoretical physicist who has been in favor of parallel universe for many years. He thinks that anything trapped in a black hole will be destroyed. Hawking thinks that the black hole is not as terrible as he thought before. He thinks that what enters the black hole does not disappear or destroy, but is transmitted to a parallel universe, which may be hidden inside the supermassive black hole.


Hawking estimated that the black hole must be bidirectional, with an entrance and an exit. According to his calculation, objects entering the black hole will eventually be released by the black hole in any possible form. If you enter the black hole, don’t lose heart, there must be a way out, just so that people will not return to the original place. You will appear again, but elsewhere – perhaps even in another parallel universe.

Cosmologists believe that the existence of parallel universe is based on the expanding theory of cosmic growth. The expansion theory is an extension of the big bang theory. In the early stage of the development of the universe, the universe continued to split and grow exponentially. Before reaching a more gentle growth rate, its number would double. However, in this way, these universes would become independent worlds.


However, not all universes are completely isolated, and there is a connection between each universe, which can not be realized when human science and technology cannot find it. At present, the most mysterious super black hole has entered the most possible target. There may be more advanced civilizations at the other end of the super black hole. For the civilizations of the two worlds, the black hole is a gap that they cannot cross.


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