Hawking predicts that human beings will eventually leave the earth? Planetary migration is not just a fantasy, or will come true

With the continuous progress of society and the continuous development of human science and technology, many people begin to look forward to the interstellar migration, and these ideas are frequently appearing in many science fiction or science fiction movies.


Moreover, Hawking, the greatest physicist after Einstein, also expressed his views on human space migration at the starma festival in Trondheim, Norway, which celebrates science and art.

He believes that with the accelerating process of human society, the impact on the earth’s environment will become greater and greater. In the future, AI robots, gene viruses and other issues will affect whether human beings can continue to live on this beautiful blue planet. Therefore, for human beings, they must escape from the earth within 100 years. If they do not migrate to space, they are likely to die out.


In the vast universe, the earth also has many crises outside the universe. For example, when black holes or neutron stars approach, their strong gravity can easily tear up the entire solar system in an instant; asteroids pass by the earth from time to time, and one accidentally will directly hit the earth.


Although the probability of these cosmic crises is relatively small, no one can guarantee that they will not come suddenly one day. And if human civilization wants to continue, we really need to take it seriously.

So, can human beings realize interstellar migration? Xiaobian believes that this needs to be carefully considered from the following two aspects.


First, find a planet with water, suitable atmosphere and suitable temperature similar to the earth’s environment.


For this kind of earth like planet, scientists will find every year, whenever possible, will be reported. Although limited by the level of science and technology, there is no way to give an exact answer, Xiaobian thinks that everything is possible in the future. Just looking at the achievements of mankind in the past few decades, we can have such a profound experience.

Second, build the speed of light spacecraft.


We all know that in the vast universe, the distance between stars is very far, and the distance between celestial bodies in the universe is usually measured by light years. If we only rely on the current speed of human beings, it is far from possible to realize the dream of the universe. This shows how important it is to build a spaceship that can fly at the speed of light or even beyond the speed of light.


If we want to go to more distant galaxies and explore more, then the speed of light flight is far from meeting our requirements, so the realization of wormhole time travel is particularly important. It’s an important way to get to a new world.

Moreover, the realization of interstellar migration does not mean “abandoning the earth”. If human beings can discover a new world and emigrate, then the pressure on the earth will be reduced, and the earth will be able to self repair and repair all the harm brought by human beings.


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