Hawking predicts that mankind will live forever in 2045. Can the immortality plan be realized? There are three ways

Since ancient times, immortality has always been a topic of concern. With the development of science and technology step by step, can human beings achieve immortality in the future?

In order to realize the dream of forever ruling the mountains and rivers, the ancient emperors racked their brains to find immortality and developed the so-called panacea by using all kinds of heresy.


However, none of them succeeded. Take Qin Shihuang for example, he once sent a large number of people to Dongyang to look for elixir. There were many other emperors who would study all kinds of books in private and take pills with alchemy furnace.

The ancient people’s study of immortality is actually a feudal superstition. In ancient times, technology was underdeveloped, so immortality was also a dream. Now it’s different. Our technology is so advanced that it’s not impossible to achieve immortality.

Hawking’s prediction that “human beings will never die in 2045” is widely spread on the Internet. He believes that human beings have mastered the technology to achieve immortality in the next 2045.


In fact, this prediction was not made by Hawking, but by ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief futurist. Who is he?

Everyone must have heard of Google’s artificial intelligence. Even Bill Gates admits that ray Kurzweil is the best person in the world to predict artificial intelligence. So this sentence is not a joke, but is very likely to become a reality!


Human beings study the human body all their lives, and the ultimate goal of research is to achieve immortality. Immortality plan can also eliminate human aging and death, and make human body get rid of physical and mental limitations forever.

In short, when the energy of life is exhausted, life can be extended indefinitely. At the same time, personal consciousness can exist independently in the transplanted new body. This is one of the ways to live forever.

Transfer of consciousness


It is generally believed that what decays is the human body, but the soul will not. According to the momentum of the development of modern science and technology, there is likely to be a shift in the future.

Transfer the consciousness of dying people to young and energetic people, so as to achieve immortality! However, let’s not talk about whether this kind of technology will appear. This kind of technology is obviously a crime!


Virtual network consciousness

At present, the most promising and fastest breakthrough technology is to upload the human mind to the computer and live forever in the form of computer man. Russian media tycoon itskov and Google engineer Kurzweil firmly believe that such a thing can help mankind achieve the goal of immortality.

The technology is expected to be implemented around 2045. They want this technology to carry a lot of human thinking, and their thinking can be transmitted to computers.


At that time, as long as the computer continued to power on, as the immortal of the computer man, he could replace all parts at will, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of human beings for thousands of years.

It seems that in many myths and legends, the highest level of cultivating immortals is like this. I am the world, and the world is me!


Cloning technology

Many people think that the reason why people die is because of the failure of various organs of the body, and the loss of vitality of the heart, unable to provide energy and power for normal activities.

And cloning technology can help us constantly copy our body’s various organs and keep them in the best state forever.


Whenever there is organ disease or failure, we can take out our cloned organs in good condition. Because the clone itself is our own organ, there will be no rejection.

Although we are likely to get the help of these technologies, the immortality of human beings may not be a good thing. Moreover, the earth’s population pressure is increasing.


If human beings achieve immortality, sooner or later, the earth will not be able to withstand, and human beings will not be able to survive due to the extreme lack of resources. Of course, by that time, humans may have found other planets suitable for living things.

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