Hawking’s final warning: there may be “super human” on the earth. Where will ordinary people go?

After the news of Hawking’s death, many people were shocked. Although Hawking suffered from muscular dystrophy at the age of 21, he still did not give up his life and made a great contribution to physics. After Hawking’s death, he predicted in a book that DNA mutation would produce superhuman. What’s the matter?

What is Hawking’s superhuman warning?


As one of the greatest contemporary physicists, Hawking has made great contributions to physics in his life, although he is paralyzed, unable to speak and has only three fingers. On March 14, 2018, Hawking’s death at the age of 76, one of the major news that shocked the world, aroused many people’s deep thinking, especially several predictions made by Hawking when he was alive.

British media reported that the late British physicist Stephen Hawking wrote his last book, simple answers to important questions, before his death, which will be published on October 16 as his last spiritual legacy to mankind.

Hawking said in his book that he expected human beings to improve their intelligence by changing their genes in this century and become super human through DNA mutation.


Superhuman threat to human beings

1、 Genetic modification


Hawking points out in his book that the rich will soon choose to edit their own and their children’s DNA to make them “Superman”, with stronger memory, disease resistance, intelligence and longer life span.

2、 Race race

Hawking said in his book that once rich people have the opportunity to change the DNA of their offspring, there will be new competition among human species.


3、 Living space

The children of the upper class will become smarter, longer lived and more immune. The living space of ordinary people will be squeezed and even destroyed by new species.


4、 Extinction or extinction

People who have not been transformed may not be able to compete, gradually disappear, or become “unimportant”. At that time, human beings will begin to compete for “self design”. Hawking worried that once the rich had the chance to change their children’s DNA, there would be a new round of competition, and terror would destroy the survival of ordinary people. The emergence of “high-quality” human beings, he believes, will lead ordinary people to form special low castes, or disappear completely.

Why do superhumans start with the rich?


1、 Improve physical fitness

Hawking predicts in his book that humans can improve their intelligence by changing their genes. Moreover, in order to improve physical fitness, people may spend more money to study DNA mutation in the future, so as to become “super human”.


2、 The difference between having money and not having money

Previously, some netizens summed up that the characteristics of Marvel superheroes are “money depends on technology, no money depends on variation”. According to Hawking’s prediction, if you don’t have money, you can’t even think about variation.

3、 Temptation


“The law may prohibit genetic engineering of humans, but some may not be able to resist the temptation to improve human characteristics such as memory, disease resistance and longevity,” Hawking wrote.

4、 Survival risk


Just in 2015, Hawking said that human beings need to leave the earth to ensure their long-term survival. In his view, human beings will one day understand the mind of “God” and all the laws of the universe, and this understanding will be completed within 20 years. If human species are confined to one planet for a long time, it is dangerous. Interstellar collision or nuclear war will make human completely extinct. If human beings can spread to outer space and establish independent populations, then the future of human beings will be guaranteed.

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