Hawking’s many predictions are coming true step by step, and two experts are unwilling to face them!

Hawking’s many predictions are coming true step by step, and two experts are unwilling to face them!


The fire of human civilization can continue to burn and eventually become a raging fire, which is inseparable from the contribution of all scientists. Today is not easy to achieve. Looking back on the history of human development, countless outstanding scientists have emerged. They devoted all their limited lives to science, such as Einstein and Newton. They opened a new era of science and technology, leaving behind not only many inventions, but also many favorable theories, providing more favorable clues for future generations.


Every scientist’s departure is a social loss. In the eyes of many people, what they say is regarded as the truth, even if it is not realized, it will also be regarded as a prediction of the future. Take Hawking for example. He once speculated about the future world and put forward the famous black hole theory. Before his death, he left three predictions about the fate of mankind. According to the description of scientific researchers, these predictions are gradually realized. One of them is a big prediction that scientists dare not face. What is it? Hawking believes that in the next few decades, mankind will usher in a critical period of life and death. There are two reasons. Hawking’s many predictions are coming true step by step, and two experts are unwilling to face them!


Two reasons for human survival


The first is alien civilization. Alien civilization is the goal that scientists try their best to find. Over the years, there has never been any clue about him, which makes people wonder whether he exists or not? In Hawking’s mind, aliens always exist. They not only have higher intelligence than human beings, but also can create weapons that can destroy the earth. Hawking once seriously warned human beings not to try to find alien civilization. They have a lot of potential risks. If they are enraged rashly, they will only catch fire. At that time, the earth will usher in an endless war. With the power of human beings, it is impossible to compete with alien civilization.


The second is related to environmental pollution. Today, climate change has become a big problem. Scientists are very worried. Not only is there a lot of pollution on the land, but also the ocean is polluted. Once a satellite discovered a new continent in the sky, which is slowly approaching China. Later, they learned that this is a new continent formed by garbage accumulation. It is not only a huge area, but also an amazing amount of garbage It’s not overnight. It’s all accumulated over time. It’s terrible.


With the development of science and technology can not be separated from the support of energy, human beings exploit resources wantonly, which makes the earth environment worse. This kind of behavior is irreversible. In Hawking’s view, if human beings do not curb it, the emergence of these two problems will bring human beings to an end anytime and anywhere. Many people still disagree that Hawking’s prediction has no scientific basis.


I don’t know if you can feel it. Since 2020, the earth seems to have opened a mode of revenge. With the emergence of various natural disasters, many people have lost their lives in these disasters. These are the earth’s dissatisfaction with human behavior. In addition, Hawking also predicted that artificial intelligence will hinder the future development of human beings. It is possible that the fate of human beings will be dominated by artificial intelligence. As for how it will be, we can only wait and see. What do you think of Hawking’s predictions? You can leave a message for interaction.

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