Hawking’s prediction questioned? A math teacher in our country overturned Hawking’s prediction?

There are many predictions about the future of the earth on the Internet, many of which have been made by scientists. I believe many people have heard of Hawking’s prophecy. He once warned human beings not to look for extraterrestrial life, otherwise it would be extremely harmful to human beings. He also claimed that by 2600, the earth will become a fireball, and human beings must leave the earth to keep their lives.


Of course, there are many people who despise Hawking’s prediction. They think that the prediction itself has no scientific basis. At this time, NASA of the United States also came forward. They listed the planets with extremely low probability of life, including the Alpha Centauri galaxy as Hawking said. It can be said that the appearance of this list also seems to prove to mankind that NASA thinks Hawking’s breakthrough star shooting plan is too absurd.


Hawking also made a doomsday prediction to the earth, which is what we call 2600 years. Many people are Hawking’s loyal followers, and they unswervingly uphold what Hawking said. Of course, most people are still rational, they will not blindly believe a scientist’s words, these predictions should be based on scientific basis, otherwise it is very difficult to establish. More and more people question Hawking’s prophecy. One of them, a teacher from China, challenges Hawking’s prophecy of the end of the world.


The life span of the solar system and the earth


This is a Chinese teacher from China, known as sun siniang, who is a senior high school mathematics teacher in Jiangsu Province. In fact, before challenging Hawking’s prediction, he had made a bold act by using mathematical methods. He proved that the South China tiger shot by Zhou Zhenglong was a fraud. He once used the formula to analyze the evolution of the universe. It is at this level that he also calculated the life span of the solar system, which coincides with the views of many scientists. According to the method of this math teacher, the life span of the earth he calculated is not the time Hawking said at all. But Hawking thought that the earth would not exist in 2000 billion years.


He believes that the sun is in the process of accelerating expansion. After 6.9 billion years, the earth will also be affected by the expansion of the sun and enter the orbit of Mars. After 60 billion years, the earth will leave the sun. At that time, there will only be one planet left in the solar system. It was not until 100 billion years later that the sun began to tear and grow, and finally became a halo. At that time, the sun made its final farewell to the universe.


In this way, there is no scientific basis for many people’s predictions. If we blindly believe it through one side of the story, such behavior is also irrational. Although science can’t solve all the problems, it is the basis for us to understand the universe. I don’t know what people think of these predictions?

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