Hawking’s prediction: the earth’s destruction factors increase, and human beings must immigrate

At the recent stargas science and art festival held in Trondheim, Norway, Hawking revealed his concern about the future fate of human beings and warned that if human beings do not settle on other planets in the next 200-500 years, human civilization is likely to disappear.

Previously, Hawking believed that life on earth is facing a threat to its survival. Due to disasters, asteroid collisions, epidemics, overpopulation, climate change and other factors, the threat factors of human extinction are gradually increasing.

Recently, Hawking repeatedly warned that human beings on earth are in a high risk period of extinction at the starges science and art festival held in Trondheim, Norway. At the same time, he criticized the views of US President Donald Trump, stressing that unlike president trump, I do not deny the importance of curbing climate change and global warming. Trump’s climate strategy may be the worst and most wrong climate change decision.


Hawking called on technology powers to send astronauts to the moon by 2020, with a view to re energizing space exploration. At the same time, they should be building a lunar base and sending humans to Mars in 2025. “Proliferation into space will completely change the future development of mankind. I hope to unite competing countries on a single common goal and face common challenges in the future,” he said

For young people, a grand new space program will excite people and stimulate their interests and hobbies in other fields, such as astrophysics and cosmology. Hawking hopes that nuclear fusion powered spacecraft powered by light or other energy will guide us to a new space home.

Many parts of the earth are under threat, so it’s hard for us to have a positive attitude. These threats are too big and too many, Hawking said. Our physical resources are drying up at an alarming rate. We bring the disaster gift of climate change to the earth. Global temperature rises, polar ice caps decrease, forests cut and a large number of animals are killed. These results show that human activities are ignorant and thoughtless.


There are about 1000 stars within a radius of 30 light-years from the earth. Even if only 1% of the stars have earth like planets, there are still 10 candidate “new continents in space”. At the same time, Hawking also revealed the reasons why he thinks we haven’t found aliens in space: first, the probability of primitive life appearing on a suitable planet is very low; second, even if the possibility of primitive life is high, the probability of life evolution forming an intelligent civilization similar to human beings on earth is very low; third, the possibility of alien civilization evolution But war, disease and weapons of mass destruction destroyed them.

“I think this is the trajectory of our development, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m inclined to the second reason – primitive life is relatively common, but intelligent life forms are very rare, and some would say they haven’t visited the earth yet,” Hawking said. I think that human beings are at the critical point of a new era in space, and it will become a scientific fact that human beings colonize other planets in the near future. “

Human beings on earth have existed as a single species for about 2 million years, and the development speed of human civilization is steadily increasing. If human civilization continues to exist for one million years, the future development of mankind will be to explore the space planet that no one has arrived.


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