Hawking’s prediction was rejected, and a Chinese mathematics teacher overturned it, which embarrassed Hawking

When it comes to Hawking, he died on March 14, 2018, at the age of 76. He is another great physicist after Einstein. When Hawking was alive, he often made some remarks about the end of the world. He predicted the year 2000 first, then around 2032, and then 600 years later. Therefore, Hawking’s prediction has almost become a playful topic in our spare time, Many people are too lazy to believe it.


When many people despised Hawking’s prediction, NASA also came out, which made Hawking feel embarrassed. You know, at the beginning, Hawking used the doomsday theory to call on the world capitalism to invest in the project of looking for extraterrestrial planets supported by himself.

At this time, NASA released a list of stellar systems, which is a list of habitable planets that are unlikely to be found in a short time, including the Alpha Centauri galaxy that Hawking lives in, which Hawking highly advocates and is also the target galaxy of Hawking’s “breakthrough star taking” project, NASA seems to be showing the world the absurdity of Hawking’s “breakthrough star” program.


If you say that all Hawking’s remarks are aimed at “breaking Star Trek”, then you must say that NASA is really “slapping” Hawking. Later, people gradually began to strongly question NASA’s goal. At that time, a teacher from China put forward a direct challenge to Hawking’s prediction of the end of the world.


Sun siniang, a Chinese teacher, is a senior mathematics teacher in the high school affiliated to Jiangsu Institute of education. Before that, he used geometric methods to prove that the South China tiger photographed by Zhou Zhenglong was fake. Later, sun siniang published a new monograph, the mathematical principles of the expanding universe of space relativity.

Mr. Sun used five axioms and one definition to reveal the mathematical principles of the evolution of the universe. In this sense, he later obtained the calculation results such as the lifetime of the solar system, which are completely consistent with the recent predictions of the United States and Germany.


According to its calculation method, we can calculate the life span of the solar system and the earth, which is not 200 years or 600 years as Hawking said, but 100 billion years. According to Mr. Sun’s calculation, the sun is accelerating its expansion. In about 6.9 billion years, the earth will be pushed to the orbit of Mars with the expansion of the sun. In 60 billion years, the earth will leave the sun, and there will be only one left in the whole solar system A planet.


Another 100 billion years later, the outer edge of the sun was torn at first, then suddenly enlarged, and finally formed a dazzling halo, like a very spectacular fireworks farewell. At this time, the sun would die.

Therefore, Mr. Sun’s calculation is a challenge to Hawking’s prediction. We still don’t know whose prediction is right.

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