Hawking’s three predictions, especially the last one, make scientists not calm down!

Hawking’s three predictions, especially the last one, make scientists not calm down!


As a great physicist, Hawking’s contribution to the society may not be over in three days and three nights. His life is not ordinary. He has the spirit of continuous exploration of science. He never wasted a minute. His research is in outer space. Although he has been dead for some time, he has brought great influence to the world. His achievements are far more than we expected. Due to his mobility, his many public speeches have not attracted the attention of the industry. Only the scientific community will keep up with him.


In Hawking’s lifetime, he made a variety of statements and predictions, among which three are being confirmed one by one. Only one big prophecy has not been realized, and almost every prophecy is related to the survival of mankind. The only prediction that didn’t come true, we all hope that it will never come true, so what three predictions did Hawking put forward that made scientists uneasy? Hawking’s three predictions, especially the last one, make scientists not calm down!


Three prophecies left by Hawking


First of all, the first is artificial intelligence. In Hawking’s view, artificial intelligence will be the main trend of future development, which is created by human beings. Whether in office or in life, it has helped a lot of human beings. Its original intention is not to replace human beings, but to become human assistants. In recent years, the direction of the development of artificial intelligence has changed significantly. Human beings are more and more dependent on it, and almost infiltrate into all aspects of life. It is hard to imagine whether the future artificial intelligence will replace human beings and become the new masters on the earth. If according to this trend, artificial intelligence evolves consciousness, then human beings will be completely finished.


The second prediction is that the earth will no longer be habitable. Hawking once suggested that human beings should find a second home as soon as possible. In fact, he has long predicted the disaster of the earth. Global warming, marine pollution and other issues all imply the deterioration of the earth’s environment. From 2020 to now, the earth’s disasters have never stopped, and the ecological balance has been broken. If we can’t find a planet suitable for migration, what will the future human beings do?


The last catastrophe is the end of the world. The Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. After eight years, nothing happened to the earth, which made more and more people put down their vigilance. In Hawking’s view, human curiosity in outer space is endless. If the earth’s coordinates are exposed and captured by alien civilization, it will be a bad thing. Alien civilization is more powerful than human civilization. How can it live in harmony with human civilization? No one wants to realize this big prediction. Scientists have been worried about searching for a second earth and are afraid of disturbing alien civilization during the search.


Human beings are a kind of creatures with a strong thirst for knowledge. As long as we don’t give up this idea one day, dangers will lurk around us. Every prophecy left by Hawking deserves everyone’s attention. Many dangers are approaching the earth. Some crises can’t be avoided, but some are controllable. If you want to live longer on earth, you should always be alert to Hawking’s prophecy, and don’t let the Last Prophecy really become a reality. What do you think of Hawking’s three predictions? You can leave a message for interaction.

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