He blinked three times in his sleep and took out a meteorite. Did aliens give it to him?

The invention and creativity of human beings are infinite, and science is calming down. We have realized a different world, but there are still some phenomena in the world that can not be explained by science. For example, Huang Yanqiu, a farmer in Hebei Province, once experienced the phenomenon of blinking. Every time he woke up, he was thousands of miles away from home. What’s the matter?


Huang Yanqiu

The first blink of time


In July 1977, when Huang Yanqiu was about to be 20 years old, he had planned to get married and start a business. Unexpectedly, he encountered an accident in his life. At that time, he was sleeping at home as usual, but suddenly disappeared. At the beginning, his parents thought that he had escaped. They searched the whole village and found no trace. A few days later, they received a telegram. It turned out that Huang Yanqiu was in Shanghai and needed his family to pick him up. Huang Yanqiu’s family was very surprised. The date on the telegram was July 28, which was only 10 hours since Huang Yanqiu disappeared. How did he get to Shanghai thousands of kilometers away?


At that time, the transportation was not very developed, and the long-distance way of travel was by train or by car. It’s impossible to go from Handan, Hebei Province to Shanghai in 10 hours. When they brought Huang Yanqiu back, they found that he was in a state of being encircled. He didn’t wake up until a week later. He claimed that he was sleeping as usual. When he opened his eyes, he found that he had arrived in Nanjing. At that time, two people in traffic police uniform gave him a ticket to Shanghai. When he arrived in Shanghai, he found that these two people were waiting for him.

Huang Yanqiu


The other two blinks


The villagers thought it was just Huang Yanqiu telling a lie. In September, Huang disappeared a month later. This time he went to Shanghai railway station, and finally with the help of people, he came home. A few days later, he disappeared for the third time. He claimed that it was the two people in traffic uniform who took him away this time. This time, they took Huang Yanqiu on a nationwide trip to nine cities. Huang Yanqiu was lying on one of them’s back. They could go anywhere by flying without any means of transportation.

Huang Yanqiu


The meteorite of China


At this point, I believe many people are impressed by this incident, which was also reported in CCTV’s “approaching science” program. Huang Yanqiu also took out a piece of meteorite, which was a souvenir given to him by two people. After the scientists identified the meteorite, they found that it was very different from the meteorite on the earth. Since then, Huang Yanqiu has never seen the strange thing of instantaneous movement.

Today’s Huang Yanqiu has already lived an ordinary and happy life, and this matter has passed. Some people think that these two people are actually aliens from other planets, otherwise there is no way to explain the problem of flight. What do you think?

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