He claimed that he came from 2030 and successfully passed the polygraph test. Does “traverser” really exist?

In many movies, we can always see the image of the passer-by. When we were very young, crossing was also the ability we envied. With the continuous development of the Internet, there are also a group of people who call themselves transgressors on the Internet. For example, today we are going to say that Noah claims to be from 2030, and he also shows evidence that there is no fluctuation in the whole lie detection process. Is he really a transgressor?


Through the video circulating on the Internet, we can see that Noah’s face has been mosaic, his voice has been changed, and his left arm is also tied with a lie detector. He told us outside the video that he came from 2030 and is now in his 50s. But from the way he dressed and talked, he was in his 20s. The reason why they don’t show their appearance is actually to protect themselves. He claimed that if some unknown information is disclosed, it may be in danger.


Noah’s prophecy


After seeing his video, people also asked him questions. Once, some netizens asked him what the future world would be like. Noah claimed that at that time, artificial intelligence would become the most common existence, and electric vehicles would also spread all over the world. By that time, the level of human science and technology has improved by leaps and bounds, landing on Mars is no longer a dream. With the advanced spaceship, human beings can realize their dream of flying in space.


At the beginning, people questioned Noah. In the process of questioning, the lie detector did not fluctuate as usual. Many people believed that Noah did not lie. Was it true? In fact, this is what Noah predicted in the future. After all, at this level of technology, it is not far away for human beings to realize the dream of artificial intelligence and space flight, which can be predicted.


Is Noah really a passer-by?


Some people think that even if the lie detector doesn’t fluctuate, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t lie. After all, the lie detector doesn’t work for everyone. If he is really a traverser, he doesn’t have to publish predictions on the Internet. If he can make use of the information gap, he will make a lot of money. In the whole department of science, we all know that the possibility of reverse time crossing is very small. Time will not flow backward, but will only move forward.


If Noah really came to the earth in 2030, he could find himself on the earth as he was 10 years ago, but in fact he did not. So there are still some people who are dubious about Noah’s video. They think that there is no traverser at all. Most of the language on the Internet is actually made up by people. Of course, some people think that if he is really a passer-by, then it comes from another world. These two time lines are completely parallel and do not affect each other. In this case, it can realize time and space crossing. What do you think?

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