He claimed that he came from 2062 and accurately predicted two major earthquakes. What did he leave to mankind?

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The wisdom of mankind is infinite. Hundreds of years ago, mankind was still in the age of ignorance and feudalism. Today, mankind has entered the universe and seen a different world. If we can go back to the past, people who believe in the past can’t imagine human life now. Tesla once predicted that there would be portable communication devices on earth. Now we can realize face-to-face communication with a smart phone. Of course, these are just our assumptions. With the current level of science and technology, there is no way for human beings to realize the time and space crossing.

However, there are many time travel events on the Internet, and even some people claim to be future walkers, such as KFK from China and 2062 from Japan. In fact, we all know KFK better. In fact, before the emergence of KFK, there were some Japanese walkers who claimed to be from the future. The one with the most fans was Japanese walkers 2062.


From the future


two thousand and sixty-two

On October 25, 2010, there was a forum called 2chan in Japan. At that time, netizens set up a forum theme, which was formulated around prophecy and crossing. People can express their views on the universe and time and space in this forum. It’s normal to put forward the posts in this forum. Unexpectedly, after a month, this forum has attracted more and more people’s attention. It turned out that on November 14, a strange reply appeared in this forum, which was left by 2062. He claimed that he came from 2062, and human beings could ask him any questions.


At first, human beings didn’t care about his words. After all, time travel only exists in science fiction movies. This person is just attracting attention. However, with more and more people leaving messages, people began to ask him about the earth’s disasters. But 2062 claimed that he could not judge the earth’s natural disasters because it would cause population changes. A strange scene appeared. What 2062 said is not Japanese, but according to the Japanese homophony, it actually means “climb up the mountain”.



311 earthquake


Four months later, a big earthquake broke out in Japan. I believe many people will not forget that it was the 311 earthquake in 2011. The focal depth of the great earthquake reached 30 kilometers, directly causing tens of thousands of deaths. If we are looking at the mountain climbing mentioned in 2062, will there be a kind of creepy feeling? Many people think that this is not a coincidence, 2062 may really come from the future. Some people think that if 2062 is really a passer-by, he can write it in Japanese and climb up the mountain. Why use homophony? Maybe the passer-by should follow the rules of the universe and not blindly reveal the future to human beings, otherwise the result is not controlled by human beings.


Kumamoto earthquake

2062 mysteriously disappeared after answering the question at that time. Until July 22, 2011, he appeared on the Internet for the second time, more than four months after the 311 earthquake in Japan. He explained the reason for his disappearance. He went back to 2016 and conveyed a very important thing to mankind. Because of this behavior, 2062 was asked to disappear for a period of time. When we look back, we will find that what he conveyed in April 2016 was actually the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan.


He also gave an answer to his warning. As there is no way to tell it directly to mankind, he can only do his best to give a warning to mankind. In April 2016, he will send a special signal, hoping that mankind will be ready at that time. Compared with the prediction of the 311 earthquake, his second warning was six years ahead of time, and the prediction date of this time is very accurate. Is 2062 really a future passer-by?


In fact, in addition to the predictions of these two earthquakes, 2062 also left other predictions. At present, the earth’s environment has undergone earth shaking changes, and the global temperature is still rising. Although many countries have formulated relevant policies to control global warming, they have not achieved ideal results. At that time, people once asked him whether 2012 was really the end of the world. He claimed that 2012 was nothing special. Before 2062 disappeared, he left his last prediction, which has not yet been realized.

The South China Sea earthquake in 2022


He claimed that by 2022, the earth will have an earthquake in the South China Sea, and now it has entered 2020, two years is fast. Although our science and technology has been very developed, but the earthquake warning is still not very mature. When the earthquake broke out, the escape time that human beings could fight for was only one or two minutes, which was the biggest progress. If the South China Sea earthquake will break out on July 4, 2022, does it mean that 2062 is really from the future?


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