He claimed to have been stuck in 2018 due to machine failure since 4000 years ago, and also passed the polygraph test

Many people like to watch movies and TV about time travel. Crossing is always a topic of interest to everyone. A few months ago, a 12-year-old Chinese girl claimed that she came from ancient times. However, it was soon discovered that this is a lie, which all comes from the girl’s own fantasy and fabrication. It has to be said that “crossing” is really a puzzle that many people want to prove but can’t get the truth!

Recently, a space-time traveler from 4000 years later once caused hot discussion among netizens. Because everything he said made people think it was possible, he even passed the test of polygraph! This video is from an interview with “the traverser” on apex TV. In the video, he said that he was an archaeologist from another galaxy and was left on earth in 2018 due to a time machine failure. He predicted the future of the earth and said that he could accept the test of lie detector, but the final test result was “real”. Since apex TV has interviewed other “walkers” before. Netizens have questioned the lie detector: they used the lie detector on the “walkers” twice, and the lie detection results in the two videos are all presented in the form of subtitles from the beginning to the end. This is probably the post-processing done by apex TV, which has to make everyone doubt. Maybe it’s just a show, attracting people’s attention.


In fact, there are records of the suspected “crossing” events in history. In August 1981, a British cruise ship suddenly disappeared in the “devil’s triangle” (Bermuda sea area). At that time, there were six people on board. Eight years later, the ship appeared in the same place again. The six people on board were not aware of the eight years. They felt that it was just a moment! In 1954, there was a balloon race in the Caribbean Sea. A balloon suddenly disappeared in full view of the public. In 1990, the balloon suddenly appeared on the sea surface of Cuba and North America. The pilot of the balloon said that they were participating in the race. He once felt that there was a weak current flowing through his body, and there was a slight tingling feeling, but they didn’t know when Thirty six years have passed.


Some similar records seem to remind people that there seems to be a time-space tunnel in a certain area of the earth, but the experience is basically in a chaotic state at that time, rather than having such a clear thinking as the “passer-by” in the interview video. It seems that the mystery of “time travel” needs more verification before it can be revealed!

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