He once challenged not to sleep for a long time. After 260 hours, a magical scene appeared!

He once challenged not to sleep for a long time. After 260 hours, a magical scene appeared!


Everyone has a life span of several decades, and sleeping time accounts for almost 1 / 3. A day is divided into day and night. Every night, everyone needs to sleep. If they don’t sleep, they will not have enough energy on the second day. Only by ensuring vigorous energy, can they have higher efficiency. In this era of increasingly fierce competition, many people race against the clock and don’t want to waste their time on sleeping. Many people always think that it’s better to spend more time on improving themselves than sleeping. Although they have this idea, they are very honest and can’t hold their eyes to sleep every night. This kind of action is as natural as flowing clouds and water, which has become immutable The law of law.


Once upon a time, there was a scientist in the Soviet Union who wanted to build a super army without sleep. He used Prison Criminals to do experiments to challenge the experiment of not sleeping for 30 days. He closed all of them in a closed room. During this period, he only provided them with enough food and water, and other substances. Unfortunately, they could not sleep, so they had to go to bed Stay awake at all times. He once challenged not to sleep for a long time. After 260 hours, a magical scene appeared!


In order to prevent them from falling asleep, scientists put a kind of irritating poison gas into the room, so that they did not sleep at all. In the first few days, it didn’t have much impact. They all survived. However, on the ninth day, one of the experimenters suddenly screamed loudly, and the whole person felt that something was wrong and would make a strange sound. I thought the scientists would stop the experiment, but they didn’t.


After 14 days, the experimenters fell into silence. As long as they heard a slight sound, they would go crazy. Now that they have reached this point, the experiment can only be forced to stop. After they were brought out, they did not expect that these people would attack the soldiers like crazy. Therefore, when they had to be killed, the scientists found that their oxygen content was three times higher than that of normal people, and their strength was beyond the standard of ordinary people. Although the experiment failed, it left a lot of favorable information.


In 1963, an American student named Randy Gardner did the same experiment. In order to make sure he didn’t sleep, he invited two classmates to supervise him all the time. By the fourth day, his mind had become blurred, his eyes wanted to close, and even his mood became low. After 260 hours, his classmates found something wrong. He not only had headache, but also often heard some noises.


Although he has set a world record, the damage to his body is inevitable. These experiments are very dangerous. After all, everyone has to sleep for a long time, and the function of the body will be damaged if he doesn’t sleep. Everyone’s life is only once, we should cherish life, instead of doing these meaningless experiments. What do you think of this? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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