He once predicted the crisis in 2020, and now he predicts the situation in the second half of the year. Will he be right this time?

After seeing the situation of this year, many people feel that this year has been too difficult, so some people also come up with the predictions made by the so-called forecasters. Both Mars boy and 2062 have made predictions about the future of the earth. Surprisingly, these predictions seem to confirm this year’s situation. There is still such a profession in the world: astrologer. In India, there is a 14-year-old astrologer who successfully predicted the earth’s situation this year. Is this true?


Astrologer’s prophecy


This 14-year-old astrologer is called Abigail Anand. Although he is only 14 years old, he is famous locally and has become a very famous astrologer. When we see his photos, we will also find that he is different from us ordinary people. There are two white vertical lines on his forehead, which show his difference. The reason why he was able to cause an uproar on the Internet was the video of this year’s forecast made in August 2019. He claimed in the video that by 2020, the earth will have all kinds of disasters, but human beings can overcome it through their own strength. Although there will not be so much good news in 2020, it will still appear. According to this situation, the economy may not recover until 2021.


His prediction of the future


At present, the epidemic situation in China has been obviously controlled, and the epidemic situation is still rampant in other countries. Some time ago, Anand released a video to predict this year. He thinks that this year is just the beginning of a disaster. Even if human beings can overcome the virus, there are still superbacteria waiting for human beings in the future. In addition to this prediction, he also claimed that by December 20 this year, Saturn and Jupiter will completely coincide, and the earth will face a major crisis.


Many people feel worried after seeing his video. If there is a big crisis on December 20, as he said, it will certainly affect the survival of human beings. Is it necessary to reappear the doomsday prediction of 2012?


Of course, there are many people who think that what he said is nothing more than illusory things. Every year, natural disasters of different degrees occur on the earth. Only when the earth’s environment has changed seriously this year, and the frequency of natural disasters is becoming higher and higher, can human beings pay attention to them. In fact, many people’s predictions are based on conjectures about the form of the earth, without substantial basis.


Some people think that astrology is an abstruse subject, and the principles they use are also calculated from the changes of astrology. Therefore, there are still some reasons. What do you think?

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