He “stole” Einstein’s brain and devoted himself to research. What did he find out later?

He “stole” Einstein’s brain and devoted himself to research. What did he find out later?


Whether a person is smart or not depends on the development of his brain. Everyone has a brain, but at different levels of development. When we go to school, there will always be people with poor and good grades in the class, which is in sharp contrast. We have no idea why the people with good grades can work so well, what problems can be easily solved in front of him, and they can maintain the first place in the class every time. No matter how hard they try, some people never make progress. After entering the society, I often meet some people with strong working ability. Any problem is a piece of cake for them, but some people deal with it very badly.


Einstein’s outstanding contribution to society


Einstein is the most intelligent man in the world. His whole life has benefited mankind and left a lot of valuable wealth, such as the theory of relativity, the law of conservation of energy and so on. He has a high position in the field of physics. Later, after understanding, it turned out that his brain development level was much higher than that of ordinary people. He “stole” Einstein’s brain and devoted himself to research. What did he find out later?


Since his death, it has caused a sensation all over the world. In order to study Einstein’s brain, someone once stole it directly and cut it into 240 pieces. It sounds incredible. What’s the matter? In 1955, at the age of 76, Einstein did not escape the bondage of death and finally died. Unfortunately, his body was followed by a doctor named Thomas Harvey. Because of his long-term autopsy work, he took advantage of the opportunity to steal Einstein’s brain and save it.


Not long after that, Einstein’s son asked him for his father’s brain. He didn’t give up Einstein’s brain. He also said that Einstein was a world-class top genius. If he burned his brain together with his body, it would leave a lot of regret. How did the outside world talk about him? He never gave up his research on Einstein’s brain and cut it off In 240 pieces, soak in formalin solution for a long time.


What’s the secret in Einstein’s brain?


Finally, the relevant research results are obtained. The reason why Einstein is so smart is that the gyration pattern of brain parts is different from that of ordinary people, and the complexity is also higher. Judging from the results, he has not made substantial progress. Many people have always believed that Einstein’s cleverness is the brain, and there are many things that ordinary people don’t have. After a long period of no progress, Thomas Harvey finally realized his mistake and returned Einstein’s brain. He had to say that he did not respect the deceased. Although Einstein’s brain is of great research value, we should also respect him. In the end, we didn’t find anything novel.


Many people want to be a great man like Einstein. The intelligence of brain is not as high as that of him. Genius may be born, but it is also related to the efforts of the day after tomorrow. If a genius doesn’t work hard, he won’t achieve much. Einstein has intelligent brain. He has been working hard to make contributions to the scientific community, so that he can become an immortal scientific giant All the inventions and theories left behind are admirable. Do you have such a view on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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