He was struck by lightning three times in 10 years, and his grave was struck by thunder four years after his death. How many poison vows did he make

As the saying goes: if you have bad luck and drink cold water, you will be drowned. I used to think that this sentence is just an exaggeration, but after reading this person’s story, maybe you won’t think it’s an exaggeration.

During the first World War, major Samford, a British cavalry officer, was fighting in Flanders, but he was injured accidentally, resulting in paralysis of his lower body. Suffolk’s lower body paralysis was not caused by man, but by lightning from heaven.

Many safety tabloids will remind you not to stay under trees in a thunderstorm, because there are a lot of lightning in a thunderstorm. Stay under the big tree, you are likely to be hit by lightning. But in fact, the probability is very low.


In China alone, this almost never happened. But Samford was struck by a flash of lightning. If it’s just an accident, it’s worth pondering whether he will be attacked again six years later. Sam Ford was struck by lightning and moved to Vancouver, Canada.

He went fishing once, and Samford was hit by lightning again. Although Samford finally saved his life, his right side was paralyzed. He was struck by lightning twice in his life, but he was not dead. This fact is enough to show that Samford was destined.

It’s really not a good thing. It can even be said that Samford is unfortunate. But one afternoon two years later, Samford was resting in the park. Suddenly the weather changed and a flash of lightning hit him again.

He was struck by lightning three times in 10 years. I don’t know if his luck is good or bad. Although he was struck three times by lightning, he was not killed three times. In the end, Samford was paralyzed and died two years later.


If the story ends here, it can be said that Samford is not lucky, but in the fourth year after his death, his stone tomb was destroyed, and the main culprit is the lightning that accompanied his life.

No one can explain this phenomenon, just because it never happened, now it seems a bit far fetched to explain it with bad luck. In the history of China, many people swear that if they break this oath, the sky will be struck by thunder.

If they knew that such unfortunate people in history would be struck by lightning four times, they believed that those who swore would seriously consider whether they would make such an oath. I don’t know if Sanford has broken his vow and is so connected with lightning. There are still many strange things that we can’t understand in such a big world.


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